Punjabi Husband gets beaten By Wife and In-Laws

A Punjabi man was beaten up by his in-laws and wife at his home after a domestic argument between husband and wife had taken place.

Punjabi Husband gets beaten By Wife and In-Laws f

"I began to scream and shout as they hit me"

A violent incident took place in the area of Pindi Balochan in Punjab, India, where a husband was beaten up by his in-laws and wife.

Harpreet Singh, the son of Sukhwinder Singh from the village of Balochan was the subject of a violent attack which had been orchestrated by his wife, Kuldeep Kaur, according to the police report.

Harpreet had Kuldeep his wife married six years ago and the marriage was not a happy one.

Talking of the attack on him, Harpreet in his statement said:

“While I was in my home, my brother-in-law Gurjant Singh, secretly climbed over our wall and entered into the house and opened the front door from the inside.

“He then opened the front gate and allowed Fauji Singh, Balwant Singh, Balkar Singh from Talwala to enter, and with them, Ladi, Major Singh and Gurdial Singh Maroo from my in-laws.

“They had weapons to beat me in their possession and arrived at my verandah looking for me.

“My wife Kuldeep also turned up at that moment, as if she knew they were coming.

“Then, my wife told them to grab me.”

His wife told them that Harpreet was not allowing her to go out or visit any of her paternal relatives or family.

At that point, the men from his in-laws reacted to what she was saying and started to threaten to kill Harpreet. He states:

“After the threats, they proceeded to start beating me and hit me in my face.

“I began to scream and shout as they hit me

“My screams were heard by my neighbours Gurdir Singh and Paramjit Singh who quickly came over to my house to my rescue.

“At that point suddenly, my wife quickly went and fled with them on their motorcycles which were parked outside my front gates.”

Harpreet then unveiled why he was beaten saying:

“There was a function taking place at one of my cousin brothers from my in-laws and my wife was forcing me to go to the event with her.

“However, I told her I did not want to go. So, she told them to come and beat me because I would not do what she said.”

Upon receipt of the report from Harpreet Singh, Police officer Beant Singh Sandhu said:

“Gurjant Singh, Fauji Singh, Balwant Singh, Kuldeep Kaur, Ladi, Major Singh and Gurdial Singh have all been summoned to the local police station for questioning regarding the attack.”

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