Pakistani Woman sexually harassed while Sitting in Rickshaw

In a shocking incident that has gone viral, a Pakistani woman was sexually harassed whilst sitting in the back of a rickshaw.

Pakistani Woman sexually harassed in Rickshaw f

male motorcyclists are hounding the rickshaw

A shocking video shows a Pakistani woman being sexually harassed as she sits in the back of a rickshaw.

The incident has come to light just days after a TikToker was groped and assaulted by a large group of men near the Minar-e-Pakistan.

It led to approximately 400 men being booked. Investigations are ongoing to arrest the suspects.

Now, another heinous case of sexual harassment has come to light.

The incident, which is believed to have happened on August 14, 2021, shows two women sitting in the back of an open rickshaw along with a child.

While it is not known where in Pakistan the incident took place, netizens claim it happened in Lahore.

Meanwhile, a large group of male motorcyclists are hounding the rickshaw, filming the women and making catcalls.

The women clearly feel uncomfortable by the situation as their rickshaw slowly moves through the busy traffic.

Suddenly, a man jumps onto the rickshaw and forcibly kisses one of the women before running off. Screams by the Pakistani woman can be heard.

Shockingly, no one intervenes to help the women.

The motorcyclists continue to harass and jeer at the women.

The victim’s friend, who was sitting beside her, takes her sandal off and threatens to hit the man who jumped onto the rickshaw.

In the video, he is seen riding his motorbike next to the rickshaw.

Meanwhile, at one point, the victim gets upset and tries to get off the rickshaw. But she is stopped from doing so by her friend.

The remainder of the video shows the victim being comforted by her friend while trying to scare off the harassers at the same time, who continue to honk their horns and follow the rickshaw.

Watch Video. Warning – Distressing Images

The video caused outrage on social media, with many netizens calling for the government to take action against sexual harassers.

One person said:

“Another Lahore incident out of Iqbal Park. A beast kissed a girl while she was on a rickshaw.”

Another said: “TERRIFYING!”

A third stated: “The motorcyclists cheered and celebrated while harassing those two women in a rickshaw in Lahore.

“It’s clear men do not fear the police or the rule of law, both of which are complacent in women’s suffering.

“The govt needs to fix this broken system.”

A fourth person blamed the parents of the harassers, saying:

“[I] can not see such videos. Makes me really upset while watching these morons, this shows their background and their upbringing.

“Shame on them and their parents as well for not teaching them how to give respect to women.”

After the video went viral on August 20, 2021, police registered a case against nearly 12 motorcyclists.

Investigations are ongoing to identify and arrest the suspects.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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