Pakistani Man ‘masturbated’ in front of Two Girls in Karachi

A Pakistani man has been accused of masturbating in public and openly in front of two girls in Karachi who posted the vile incident on Facebook.

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"Keep in mind that this is main shujaat and is a busy street"

A Pakistani man from Karachi has been identified for openly masturbating twice in front of two sisters publicly.

The incident which took place in Khyaban-e-Shujaat, DHA, Phase 8, in Karachi was reported on social media by the girls with photos of him and police say they are investigating the matter.

The sisters described the horrid and vile experience of what took place when this man conducting the perverse act in front of them after they had stopped on on the side of Shujaat Road.

A black Corolla had parked up about 25 feet from them, and as they were about to leave to pass the car, the driver stepped out of the car and shockingly he pulled his trousers down and started to masturbate while looking at the girls.

They posted the details of the incident on Facebook.

They highlighted that this deplorable act took place in broad daylight saying: “Keep in mind that this is main shujaat and is a busy street and it’s around 3pm today.”

The man then got back into his car and headed “towards the open plots and roads towards the sea.”

The girls in shock continued to drive having never seen anything like this before and then quickly decided to follow the man to “to teach him a lesson.”

They caught up with him but realising they were “two girls alone” it did occur to them that doing this could’ve been very dangerous for them. But they said: “We just wanted to get his information.”

However, upon catching up with him the girls then conveyed what took place next saying: “the chootiya stopped again in front of us, got out and started masturbating AGAIN.”

pakistani man karachi

At this point, determined to expose this sick pervert, the girls took photos of him and his “number plate”.

They described his car and him saying: “He drives a black corolla, and his number plate is BAL-943. And his face resembles a complete A-class chutiya.”

Cynically and angrily, they then say in their post with an appeal to other women:

“wish we girls could do something in return that would make these men as disgusted as we were, seeing their d**k at 3 in the afternoon. Keep the suggestions rolling.”

facebook post girls karachi

Social media quickly reacted to the incident with support.

However, there were also some ‘defensive’ views about the story primarily coming from other men to which responses were given

The incident has been reported by other to police in Karachi. They say they were trying to trace the man using his car’s registration number, captured by the girls. But have not yet captured him.

The story has also been reported on Pakistan’s television channel GEO News.

However, the girls are afraid to speak to the authorities, which, means bringing this man to justice will not be a simple process and most likely will not be a priority for police.

This is not the first incident of this nature where men have publically flaunted themselves in front of women in Pakistan. In April 2018, a man riding a bike in Lahore flashed his genitals in front of university girl students while masturbating.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

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