Pakistani Man marries 70-year-old Canadian Woman

A 35-year-old Pakistani man revealed he tied the knot with a 70-year-old Canadian woman after meeting on Facebook.

Pakistani Man marries 70-year-old Canadian Woman f

"they understand what's going on."

A Pakistani man is going viral for his marriage to a Canadian woman due to the fact that there is a 35-year age gap between the pair.

Naeem Shahzad is 35 years old while his unnamed wife is 70.

A resident of Gujrat, Naeem revealed that they met on Facebook in 2017.

The woman accepted his friend request and they began speaking, gradually becoming friends.

Their friendship soon developed into a relationship and eventually, Naeem told his long-distance lover that he wanted to marry her.

Questions were raised about the relationship due to the large age gap but despite this, the woman travelled to Pakistan and married Naeem.

Naeem explained that he plans to move to Canada with his wife, however, his visa application was rejected.

Although he plans to obtain a visa, the Pakistani man insisted that he did not get married just to obtain a route into Canada.

He said he got married to stabilise his life, adding that his wife financially supports him.

Naeem said his wife does not want him to work because it could affect his health.

The revelations also prompted Naeem to insist he is not a gold digger.

Naeem added that the couple are set to begin a YouTube channel in order to support themselves while his process to obtain a Canadian visa continues.

News of their marriage circulated online and while Naeem has insisted that he has had a love marriage, social media users believe it is actually a ploy so that he can enter Canada.

Believing that his application was rejected because the authorities are aware of his alleged scheme, one user said:

“I don’t think he will get a visa out of her because the authorities are not dumb, they understand what’s going on.”

Another said: “Just for Canadian nationality, nothing else.”

A third wrote: The power of a Canadian passport.”

Labelling the Pakistani man “greedy”, one comment read:

“Not love but lust for money. A really greedy man who has lowered himself too much.”

Others decided to troll the couple, with one person writing:

“Grandmother and son.”

Another sarcastically wrote: True love. Old is gold.”

A user said: “I thought it was his grandmother.”

In Pakistan, age gap marriages are not uncommon and in October 2022, a 52-year-old teacher married his 20-year-old student a week after she initially rejected his proposal.

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