Pakistani Girl Dua Mangi being ‘blamed’ for her Kidnapping

Dua Mangi was abducted from a popular spot in Karachi. Despite the young woman still missing, some people have said she is to blame.

Pakistani Girl Dua Mangi being 'blamed' for her Kidnapping f

"the fingers will be always pointed towards the woman"

Dua Mangi remains missing after she was kidnapped at gunpoint during the early hours of December 1, 2019. However, some social media users have blamed her.

The young woman had been out with her friend Haris Fateh near a popular spot in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority when a vehicle pulled up in front of them.

Around four armed men got out and attempted to drag Dua into the vehicle.

Haris tried to stop them but he was shot, suffering a gunshot wound to the neck. The kidnappers then drove off with Dua.

Haris was taken to hospital where he remains in a critical condition while Dua remains missing.

Although police are investigating her whereabouts, Dua’s kidnapping has led to some shocking comments on social media, saying that she is to blame.

Several users claimed that she deserved to be kidnapped as she had been roaming around with a male friend at night.

Others said that her sleeveless tops were immodest and that she was “inviting” the men to kidnap her.

The comments prompted a number of people to condemn the users, stating that society would rather find ways to blame the victim rather than offer help.

One tweet which circulated was from a woman called Komal Shahid who criticised those who blamed Dua for the way that she dressed. She posted:

“Dua Mangi – a young girl, got kidnapped & some people are saying that she ‘deserves’ it because she wears sleeveless tops.

“Welcome to our Desi society where the fingers will be always pointed towards the woman no matter what even if she’s raped, kidnapped or harassed. Shameful!”

Another user stated that Pakistani society would prefer to victim-blame instead of trying to help. Safia Dia wrote:

“We live in a society, where the family of a kidnapped girl have to add the lines ‘please don’t pass judgement’ while they are asking for help.

“They are forced to do that because this society would rather victim-blame rather than actually help!”

Another person stated that the people responsible for blaming Dua “reminded us why Pakistan is in the state it is.”

The Tribune reported how one person questioned why some people were justifying the “predators” instead of trying to protect women. She also argued how some men feel they are entitled to ask a woman what she is wearing.

The user wrote: “Men rape hens, dolphins, handicapped woman & kids they’ve audacity to ask what that girl was wearing?

“I’ve no Male family member if I’ve to leave my home at 4 am night in case of any emergency.

“Should I be kidnapped too? We’ve to protect women, not justify predators.”

The heated debate has led to senior police officer Shiraz Ahmed stating this kind of thing tends to benefit the kidnappers, making the investigation more difficult.

Officers suspect that the kidnapping has a personal agenda rather than just for a simple ransom.

They also believe that Dua Mangi may have been abducted by a student she knew when she was studying in the United States.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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