Pakistani actress Shehzeen Rahat reveals Anxiety Struggles

Pakistani television actress Shehzeen Rahat has revealed her struggle with anxiety by writing a lengthy caption in her latest Instagram post.

Pakistani actress Shehzeen Rahat reveals anxiety struggles

"Anxiety and depression is the worst thing"

Pakistani actress Shehzeen Rahat has revealed her struggles with anxiety in her latest Instagram post.

The television star shared a photo of a cannula in her arm and added a lengthy caption explaining her experience.

Rahat began by saying: “Since a very long time I have been wanting to say it out in open but some way or the other…

“I felt I should not make this post on the basis of being judged or criticised…

“But with a lot of courage and to let this out of my system I am making this post…”

The actress went on to say that although she had been suffering from anxiety for years, the last two had been the worst and it had taken over her life.

She then listed the effects of the condition including constant palpitations, chest and arm pains, numb feet, heaviness, sleeplessness, hunger and constant hospital visits for sedatives.

Rahat added: “Anxiety and depression is the worst thing which can EVER happen to a person! It eats you inside out!”

The Kaisa Hai Naseeban star then warned people to try to understand those also dealing with mental health issues.

She said: “If you come to know a person who is going through with all of these things, please be kind, I BEG YOU!

“Instead of blaming us for being weak, try to be their strength…

“It is difficult for us to wake up everyday with a fake smile on our faces and entertain.

“Even the smallest of things could be a source of triggering!”

Rahat, who is a rising star in the industry, continued: “I ask for nothing but kindness and understanding…

“I request you all to leave a prayer for me too and everyone around the world who is going through the same thing.

“The world is already crumbling and so are we, please be humble, kind, loving, forgiving and caring!

“One word of wellness can bring a genuine smile on anyone’s face.

“Do take mental health seriously. It is for real! It can happen to anyone at all.”

The actress first appeared on television in 2014 and was soon cast in a series of supporting roles before taking on main roles.

Shehzeen Rahat is currently the lead in romantic-revenge drama Tum Ho Wajah which premiered on Hum TV on Monday, April 20, 2020.

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