Noreen Khan’s Evolution of Bollywood Looks

Noreen Khan, from the BBC Asian Network, takes a look back at the last 6 decades of Bollywood beauty looks. Prepare to take a thrilling walk down make-up memory lane!

Noreen Khan's Evolution of Bollywood Looks

Noreen and her team deliver a time capsule of gorgeous looks.

Popular Radio DJ, Noreen Khan has been on a journey through time, looking at the evolution of Bollywood through its changes in hair and make-up styles over the decades.

As the muse for this experiment, Noreen undergoes a variety of visually exciting looks which epitomise each decade of Bollywood.

Noreen and her team, who deliver a time capsule of gorgeous looks, are made up of Ravita Pannu, Reena Sanger, and Najma Ditta.

The video takes us through the key iconic looks from the 50s, all the way up to the modern day, highlighting hair styles and make-up tricks that embody each time frame.

Watch the video of Noreen Khan’s ‘Bollywood Through the Ages’ here:


1950s Bollywood

Starting from the 1950s, the team mould Noreen into an old school sweetheart.

Wearing a bindi, Noreen dons a strong red lip colour, soft brown eye shadows, and a loose braided plait to complete her look.

1960s Bollywood

Next up is the 1960s. Pay attention to the end visual; it has strong resonances to the Hollywood look of the ‘swinging sixties’.

Noreen’s make-up team opt for heavy eyeliner with cat eye flicks for this look; something which many might associate to the model Twiggy in her hay day.

The mix of black and white eyeliner provides Noreen with a more wide-eyed look.

Her team also maximise on bold statement jewellery pieces to add the finishing touch.

1970s Bollywood

The 1970s era uses a similar dark eyeliner, but smudges its consistency to provide a more sultry vibe.

Noreen dons a gold 70s headband to emphasise the timely look, and opts for a lighter lipstick shade to give off that free spirit essence that the decade most definitely embraced.

Noreen Khan's Evolution of Bollywood Looks

Her hair is loosely curled, and draws comparisons to the hippy look we remember from 70s Hollywood.

1980s Bollywood

1980s is next, and instantly, we see a dramatic change in colours, along with the way Noreen carries herself.

Gold sparkling eye shadow is draped across Noreen’s eyelids, whilst her lip colour and rouge is a strong coral red.

Her heavily curled hair adds a playful element to her look, and really sets of the 80s theme.

1990s Bollywood

The penultimate look is the 1990s shot. Opting for an aesthetically grungier look, Noreen dons a smokey eyeshadow with short, tousled hair to really epitomise this stage in Bollywood fashion.

Noreen Khan's Evolution of Bollywood Looks

2000s and 2010s Bollywood

Finally, Noreen’s MUA’s bring us up to the present day. The 2000s welcomes a much softer look in lip tone and hair style, which is appropriate seeing as fashion took a calmer turn after the millennium.

With the 2010s, we see a visual we are much more familiar with. Noreen is styled with softly curled hair, natural tones in makeup, and decorative facial markings.

The short two and a half minute video is an excellent celebration of the many looks Bollywood has experienced.

Through its many influences from all over the world, it is clear that the glamour of Bollywood continues to reign strong.

And Noreen’s insightful video serves to look forward to the next decade’s Bollywood beauty trend, wherever it might take us.

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

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