Nora Fatehi recalls ‘Difficult’ Job as Waitress as Teenager

Nora Fatehi opened up about her teenage years, revealing that she used to work as a waitress and how difficult the job actually is.


"you have to be able to handle situations."

Nora Fatehi revealed that she used to work as a waitress when she was a teenager in Canada, saying that it was a “side hustle” and a “difficult” job.

During an appearance on Star Vs Food, Nora opened up about working as a waitress “on and off” from the age of 16 until she was 18.

She explained: “It’s very difficult to be a waitress.

“You have to have communication skills, personality, you have to be fast, you have to have a good memory.

“Sometimes, customers can be mean, so you have to be able to handle situations.

“But yeah, it was a side hustle, it was a way I was making money on the side.

“I think it’s a culture that we have in Canada. Like, everybody has jobs. You go to school, you work at the same time.”

On the show, Nora was also asked how she maintains her curvaceous figure.

She revealed: “I come from a culture where (being) skinny is not good.

“We really love thickness and curviness in female bodies.

“For me, I am always trying to be thick and curvy and put on weight.

“That’s a cultural mentality that we have, that’s why we are constantly eating.”

Nora added that meals in her culture comprise of “big breakfasts” and “big lunches”.

Star Vs Food sees Bollywood celebrities and chefs cook special meals for family members and friends. The likes of Kareena Kapoor and Karan Johar feature on the show.

On her work life, Nora Fatehi previously opened up about her struggle during her early days in Bollywood.

In an interview with Anas Bukhash, Nora had said:

“We were so excited and so naive. When I reached India, it was nothing like (what I had imagined).

“I was thinking I’ll get picked up by a limousine and a butler, and they’re going to take me to a suite, and I would go to my auditions in that limo.

“It was nothing like that. I had the biggest slap in my face.

“The bullying, the rejection, the traumatic experience that I went through.”

She continued: “If someone had told me that these are all the things I was going to go through – You’re going to meet evil people, they’re going to steal your passport, you’re going to get deported, you’re going to go back to Canada and people are going to laugh at you.

“How do you go from a developed country to a developing country?

“You’re going to go back to India, you’re going to fight, learn the language, and you’re going to meet people who’re going to laugh at you on the way, they’re going to laugh in your face.”

Nora was last seen in Bhuj: The Pride of India.

She will next be seen in John Abraham’s Satyameva Jayate 2, performing a stunning dance number.

Nora gained recognition in the film’s predecessor when she performed ‘Dilbar‘.

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