Netizens make Fun of Vicky & Katrina’s Wedding Secrecy

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are reportedly getting married, but netizens are confused by the secrecy of the whole thing.

Katrina & Vicky's Wedding Video sold to Amazon for Rs. 80cr f

"This marriage is fast becoming a farcical spectacle."

Social media users have poked fun at the secrecy of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s reported wedding.

It is heavily rumoured that the Bollywood stars will get married sometime in early December 2021, despite them never making an official announcement.

Katrina and Vicky are reportedly set to get married at the Six Sense Fort Barwara in Rajasthan where suites start from prices of Rs. 84,000 (£840).

It is believed that it will be a three-day event.

Numerous reports have also emerged, highlighting the secrecy of the whole event.

One major one is that the couple have allegedly imposed a ‘no phones‘ policy for all guests.

The ‘no phone’ policy has been implemented to ensure safety, security and to prevent any leakage of photos from the wedding.

It is also believed that they have hired a special team to prevent any photos from leaking.

A source previously said: “This is a big day for both of them, so it’s understandable that they’re going above and beyond to ensure that no photos or videos are leaked on social media without their knowledge.

“Katrina and Vicky are actively involved in the wedding preparations, and an elaborate team has been assembled to ensure privacy and security.”

Another report claims that the wedding guests will be given ‘secret codes’ for communication which will be required to access their hotel rooms.

A source also claimed “drones that might be found fluttering near the wedding venue will be shot down”.

The secrecy over the apparent wedding has left netizens baffled, with many poking fun at the confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement that the guests have been told to sign.

Another person commented:

“Not sure if I should follow #OmicronVariant protocols or #VickyKatrinaWedding protocols.

“Because the latter is spreading faster all over the internet!!!!!”

One person said: “This marriage is fast becoming a farcical spectacle.”

One user referenced popular Netflix show Squid Game where players are taken to an unknown place to play the deadly games.

Some users wondered when the couple would officially announce their wedding.

Many others decided to take the opportunity to make fun of Katrina’s ex-boyfriend, Salman Khan, after rumours circulated that he was not invited.

A person said:

“Bold move by Katrina and Vicky to have their marriage in Rajasthan.”

“Salman clearly doesn’t want to revisit that state again.”

Others jokingly posted what they thought Salman would do if he were at the wedding.


The secrecy of Katrina and Vicky’s reported wedding has resulted in confusion, but netizens made fun of the whole situation by posting memes.

However, it is not known if a wedding is actually happening.

Only time will tell if the reports turn out to be true and Katrina and Vicky actually get married soon.

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