Nayyer Ejaz opens up about Loss of Children

Nayyer Ejaz has opened up about his personal life on a podcast. He detailed the loss of his three children.

Nayyer Ejaz opens up about Loss of Children f

“I am not that person. Marriage, only once!"

Nayyer Ejaz spoke about his personal life, including the loss of his children.

On a podcast, Nayyer revealed that he had three children, however, they all passed away in early infancy.

Nayyer said: “God bless me with kids thrice, all sons.

“But they didn’t survive. One lived for 12 days, the other for two days, and one was a stillborn.”

He went on to tell host Hafiz Ahmed that he had been married for 20 years and that he was wholly devoted to his wife.

The actor also stated that he refuses to marry again.

He continued: “I am crazy about only one woman sir, so only one marriage.

“I am not that person. Marriage, only once! The thing is you can get married ten times, but if you don’t change, your situation won’t either.

“So it’s always better to stick with one woman and improve yourself.”

He also said that he was very open with his wife and told her that no matter how many beautiful women he came across, for him she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

“I keep telling my wife that no matter how beautiful she thinks some other woman may be, to me she is the most beautiful.

“So my wife also knows that I am not the kind of man who will ever bring another woman into our home.”

The podcast was received with much love and appreciation, with fans commenting that Nayyer Ejaz was their favourite actor.

Nayyer is most recognised for his roles in dramas such as Janjal Pura, Dhuwan, Dour, Tanveer Fatima and Cheekh.

He has worked in movies such as Ghabrana Nahi Hai, Na Maloom Afraad, Actor in Law and Janaan.

Nayyer was most recognised for his role in the 2019 film Shanakht in which he played a transgender.

The film was based on the lives of the transgender community and the troubles they faced as they went about their daily lives.

The film, which is available to watch on YouTube, was met with great appreciation and the cast was applauded for their exceptional acting in the movie.

One person commented: “This movie has given me goosebumps.

“Literally, I was not aware of the harsh life they are living. I thought my life was bad, but now I have realised it’s nothing compared to what they suffer.”

Another individual wrote:

“Great movie indeed. Congratulations to all the team members of this movie. Everybody played their roles fabulously.”

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