Nayyar Ejaz labels New Generation of Actors ‘Insecure’

On ‘Mazaaq Raat’, Nayyar Ejaz gave his opinions on young actors and said the new generation of stars are “insecure”.

Nayyar Ejaz labels New Generation of Actors 'Insecure' f

“There is too much insecurity."

Legendary actor Nayyar Ejaz appeared on the popular talk show Mazaaq Raat and shared his opinions of young actors with Imran Ashraf.

Imran asked Nayyar Ejaz which actor he saw the most potential in within the past seven to eight years.

Without hesitation, Nayyar said he saw the most potential in Imran himself.

Imran went on to ask why a small screen actor failed to bring the same impact on the screen when they worked in a film.

Nayyar Ejaz replied: “They do not get the right character. Secondly, when you introduce an actor on the big screen it is important to present them properly.

“We have directors but they do not want to put the effort in.”

He then shed light on a co-star and said that he would not take multiple shots, rather insisting on taking solo shots when recording.

Imran questioned if the same insecurity was seen in the new generation of actors, to which Nayyar Ejaz replied that there was a lot of insecurity.

He stated: “There is too much insecurity.

“In films, when an actor is in the lead role or a supporting one, if he is insecure then you need to understand that the whole film is ruined.

“You need to work with an open mind and let others do the same, then you will enjoy your work.”

During the interview, Nayyar Ejaz spoke about his introduction to showbiz and admitted that he was not interested in becoming an actor as he was more interested in playing cricket.

“I was more interested in playing cricket, but you know when you grow up in a middle-class family you are given responsibilities to help the family.

“I was treated as the eldest so I became the eldest. When anyone is given responsibility they do not think about themselves anymore.

“I was at Quetta train station when someone heard me talking and asked if I was a radio presenter.

“I was then asked if I wanted to be an actor and I said I didn’t know how to act.

“He said don’t worry we will teach you. So I went and my first scene was to play the role of an old man. I was accepted after the first take.

“When I received my first paycheck I was told to never leave the industry.”

“When you start earning money, you think to yourself you are contributing towards the expenditures of the house.

“So you think to yourself, carry on doing what you’re doing.”

During a Q&A session with the audience, Nayyar was asked why he chose to accept more negative roles and if it impacted his personal life.

He replied: “Your brain is a computer. When I leave my house to play a role, I switch my brain on to work on that role.

“As soon as I have finished shooting I turn the switch off.”

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