Richa Chadha opens up on Weight Loss Journey

Richa Chadha shared pictures of her stunning body transformation. She has now opened up about her weight loss journey.

Richa Chadha opens up on Weight Loss Journey f

"I wanted to become healthier, overall."

Richa Chadha has spoken about her weight loss journey.

In early April 2022, the actress shared a few pictures of her weight loss transformation.

In the pictures, Richa showcased her toned figure in a shimmering black gown with a plunging neckline.

She captioned the post: “I love doing photo shoots where the photographer and I have a friendship, (like in this case), a worldview in common, love for music, art… while shooting this particular one I felt like I was playing a character.

“Distinct from the films I do… but interesting still… we did some very disturbia feel stills also which will post later.”

Richa also stated what a healthy weight loss means, adding:

“Healthy weight loss means you don’t lose muscle, like in my case the gluteus maximus is intact.”

Richa Chadha opens up on Weight Loss Journey

The 36-year-old has now spoken about her weight loss transformation.

Richa explained: “I was quite happy with the size I was at. I wanted to become healthier, overall.

“I wanted the quality of my sleep, movement, exercise and mobility to improve.”

Calling herself “a victim of trying to work out too much”, Richa realised that it is the far-reaching consequences on her body.

“Too much exercise can damage your insides and be counter-productive to your effort.

“Rest is very important but underrated.

“To deal with the things that aren’t in our control, we’ve to follow a few basic rules for our health so that we can be prepared for those times when you’ve to push it in high-stress work environments.”

Richa Chadha said she did not succumb to the unrealistic standards of beauty, admitting that in the past, filmmakers asked her to lose weight.

But she stated that her weight loss is not due to her statements about unrealistic beauty standards.

“If I continue to remain 15-20 kgs heavier in order to justify what I had once said, then that’s wrong.”

“If you feel you need to get healthier and live better but someone misconstrues it as I’m finally giving in to societal pressure, it’s not done!”

Richa Chadha opens up on Weight Loss Journey 2

She praised the shift in the narrative about body positivity.

“Hats off to influencers who’re consistently talking about body image issues like Toshada (Uma)!

“I really feel that the youth today has better people to look up to.

“People have to go through their own journeys till they arrive at their own place of balance.”

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