Kiran Tabeer’s Weight Loss Journey from 85kg to 53kg

Actress Kiran Tabeer shed over 30kg and feels a lot happier with herself. She shared her journey as well as tips and tricks on how she lost the weight.

Kiran Tabeer's Weight Loss Journey from 85kg to 53kg f

"I was trying to lose weight for 3 years but I couldn’t"

Actress Kiran Tabeer shared her weight loss journey on a morning show as she dropped an incredible 32kg.

The actress is well known for her roles in dramas like Dil Ka Darwaza, Kitna Sararai Ho and Tum Kon Piya.

Kiran revealed that during her first year of marriage she gained most of the weight. She said:

“When I got married I was 60kg and within one year of marriage, I was 85kg.

“My husband never called me fat because he was scared of my reaction. Maybe I would have got angry at him for calling me fat.”

Kiran went on to mention how she put on so much weight. She stated:

“I am Punjabi and we eat a lot. We eat heavy food. Another reason is, in the first year of marriage I didn’t work at all so I used to rest and eat all the time.”

Kiran Tabeer's Weight Loss Journey from 85kg to 53kg - loss

Yet, losing weight can be very challenging. Kiran Tabeer continued to share what motivated her to shed the kilograms. She explained:

“Losing weight is difficult but once you make up your mind it’s not that difficult. I was trying to lose weight for 3 years but I couldn’t.

“Once my friend said to me that you just talk about wanting to become an actor. You can’t be an actor with this much weight and at that moment I decided to do it.

“It’s just when you decide, I believe the decision of losing weight shouldn’t be people. I don’t want to look smart for other people, not even my husband.

“I want to look smart because it makes me happy.”

We all know the importance of a moderate diet when it comes to weight loss. Kiran Tabeer had to restrict her food intake to drop dress sizes.

She goes on to explain what her daily routine consisted of:

“I took fresh juice without sugar, salad (with boiled chicken, red kidney beans, carrot, cucumber, tomato) in the day time.

“In the evening time, I mostly take BBQ without roti and naan. You can make soup as well. Then I finally take a glass of milk because it’s important for bones.

“I didn’t go to any gym or exercise but the best thing I did was a 15-minute dance on a daily basis.”

“After the first 15 days, your stomach starts to shrink. My mum would say the more you eat the hungrier you would get. For me, I started to feel less hungry.”

It is clear that as well as looking stunning, Kiran Tabeer feels a lot happier with her weight.

Her weight loss plan is easily accessible for many to try out for themselves, all that is required is a little determination.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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