Why Movember is Suited to Desi Men

Movember is upon us and it’s time to explore the different ways in which Desi men can enjoy their natural facial hair. DESIblitz presents five reasons why Movember is perfectly suited to Asian men.

Movember Filmy

The goal of Movember is to change the face of men's health

Welcome to Movember, the month most men wait for.

That time of the year where growing a moustache and/or beard is actually justified.

Movember brings a chance for Desi men to proudly grow that facial hair and show it off, without the judgement of being called hairy.

Sound interesting? Here are five reasons why Movember perfectly suits Desi men.

1. Because it can be Funky

Funky Beards

From a variety of different styles to different shapes, Movember brings a chance for Desi Men to explore growing a moustache in a fun and funky way.

There are many whacky, cool and distinctive beard and moustache styles that can make you look quirky.

Some whacky beard styles include ‘half a face beard’, where the beard is grown on one side of the face whilst the rest is kept shaven, which requires precision and patience.

Desi men however can get the latest variety of moustaches from their Desi barbers, they know what’s in and what’s not and they usually have that blade that shapes up your facial hair perfectly.

Movember can also be the chance for Desi men to embody the funny stereotypical moustache styles associated with Desi culture, there’s no harm in looking like a ‘Son of Sardar’.

Whatever style they pick, the rest assured Desi man can have fun deciding which way to go.

2. Because it’s Culturally Appreciated

Beard Article

We all know in Asian culture that men who have moustaches and beards are more respected, or so it has been said by the elders. Facial hair is a generational practice passed on from father to sons.

But let’s be real, nowadays most younger Asian men like to keep their face clean, but Movember gives you a chance to show your family, especially any older relatives, the grown man you have become.

Even Gandhi, one of the greatest men, supported that tash, even though he kept the rest of his head and face shaven.

Beards can also be associated with higher class and authority, it really just depends on the style of beard you grow.

Sapna, a university student comments: “Aside from the negative connotations associated with Asian bearded men, we know that men who grow beards are respectful and prideful and most of them are in a position of power.”

In most Desi traditions, facial hairs are sign of respect, honour and growth from childhood to manhood. So all in all, it’s a perfect month to show off that growth.

3. Because it’s for a Good Cause

Movember and Prostate cancer UK

Movember which is also known as ‘No-Shave November’ is an annual event where the growing of beards and moustaches are done to raise awareness for men’s health issues.

These issues include depression in men, prostate cancer and other male cancers. The goal of Movember is to change the face of men’s health.

By encouraging men to get involved, Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments, and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths.

Movember annual charity events are some of the fantastic ways in which men can get actively involved. However, the month of Movember itself encourages men to adopt a healthy lifestyle and be aware of family cancer history.

In Desi cultures conditions such as diabetes, heart problems and weight problems that lead to other complications are very common. So Movember is a perfect way in which to raise awareness of such conditions within the Asian community.

So grow that tash and help save some lives!

4. Because it’s Manly

Movember Style Guide

It’s an undeniable truth; immediately after men shave, most will instantly look 10 years younger. Movember can help guys look older and more masculine.

Saad, a Birmingham student agrees with this, saying: “Last year my brother and myself grew beards and instantly our parents said that we look all grown up and more manly, it’s funny how some hair can change people’s perspective.”

Samia comments:

“I couldn’t recognise my boyfriend when he grew a beard and moustache, he just looked so manly and I actually liked it.”

This goes to show that facial hair is associated with masculinity and it can work the charm just as good as a clean shave can.

Parents can finally see their sons grow into men and we all know some women find it all so attractive.

With that being said, hide your shaving kit for the month and see how your newly grown beard is perceived by the people in your life.

5. Because it’s Very Filmy!

Movember Filmy

Even the Bollywood stars look charming and dashing with the a little bit of stubble or that perfectly shaped moustache.

Movember gives the Desi men a chance to look like their favourite Desi heroes, ranging from Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan to Hrithik Roshan.

Even a messy look like Shahid’s bearded look can swoon the hearts of ladies with the addition of some dance moves.

Maybe a sexy beard and moustache like Ranveer Singh’s will inspire your inner superstar to come out and make a lot of female dil’s beat.

A beard like Sidharth Malhotra can give Desi men that sexy stranger look, the smouldering eyes can be such an intense allure.

Just sing some Desi tunes and romance up your partner and make them feel like Priyanka, Sonam or Kareena!

Whatever reason you choose to participate in Movember, remember the cause, the history and the most important factor, no shaving for a month!

Talha is a Media Student who is Desi at heart. He loves films and all things Bollywood. He has a passion for writing, reading and occasionally dancing at Desi weddings. His life motto is: “Live for today, strive for tomorrow.”

Images courtesy of Movember Foundation and People magazine

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