Leicester Man lured to Death & Found in Car Boot

A murder trial heard that an “ambushed” man from Leicester who was found in a car boot was lured to his death.

Leicester Man lured to Death & Found in Car Boot f

"They had, quite literally, beaten Mr Parmar to death."

A jury heard that a dying Leicester man found in a car boot had been “ambushed” and brutally beaten by three attackers.

The men violently beat Anand Parmar in two areas of the city after he was allegedly lured to a meeting with one of them.

James House QC, prosecuting, said police came across the incident by chance after seeing a Vauxhall Astra being driven suspiciously fast.

The Astra ended up in a cul-de-sac in Humberstone where the driver, Jurrat Khan, ran off but was detained.

When the car was examined, officers found the alleged victim unconscious and “gravely” injured.

Khan, Renaldo Baptiste and Jeffrey Carew all deny murdering Mr Parmar.

Baptiste had admitted an alternative count of manslaughter but that was not accepted by the prosecution.

Mr House said: “At 3 am on Monday, April 12 last year Anand Parmar was found unconscious in the boot of a Vauxhall Astra.

“He was naked, save for his underwear, and was gravely injured.

“He was taken to Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre where he died just over five hours later.

“The cause of death was head and chest injuries. They had, quite literally, beaten Mr Parmar to death.”

Mr House said Baptiste and Carew were both drug dealers who Mr Parmar had been working for as a driver.

It was claimed that he was paid in drugs and sometimes cash.

Khan was allegedly a drugs runner for Baptiste and Carew.

Mr House said Mr Parmar had done “one or more things” to annoy Baptiste and Carew. He no longer wanted to work for them and was distancing himself.

It was also suggested he had stolen a Rolex watch from Baptiste’s partner.

Baptiste and Carew allegedly “used” Khan to lure the victim to a car park in Leicester’s West End, where Khan suggested they take drugs together.

Baptiste and Carew waited in a dark grey Vauxhall Mervira as Mr Parmar and his girlfriend arrived in a red Astra at 1:45 am to meet Khan.

He entered the car and directed them into the car park area.

Mr House said:

“As soon as they pulled up, Carew began the attack, smashing the driver’s side window.”

Mr Parmar’s girlfriend got out and Carew briefly chased her, smashing a bottle over the back of her head, cutting her.

She took refuge at a nearby flat.

Mr Parmar was then allegedly attacked and put into the boot of his own car.

Khan drove the car in convoy with Baptiste and Carew to Nagle Road.

CCTV footage showed Carew and Khan lifting the injured victim from the boot and carrying him into the park under the cover of darkness.

Mr House said: “No-one witnessed what took place in the park.”

At 2:10 am, Khan returned to the Astra and drove to a petrol station, returning at 2:18 am.

He rejoined the others at Jesse Jackson Park for a further 15 minutes. Khan then allegedly reversed the Astra to a park gate. Baptiste arrived and opened the boot.

Mr House said Baptiste and Carew allegedly carried the injured victim “like a sack” and “dumped” him into the Astra boot.

He said: “Mr Parmar was at the mercy of the three defendants for just over an hour, with 40 or so minutes spent at the park.”

As both cars moved off, passing police officers spotted the Astra driving “at speed”.

Officers gave chase and eventually stopped the vehicle.

The boot was searched and officers found Mr Parmar, naked apart from his underpants and “completely unresponsive”.

Mr Parmar suffered multiple injuries, including fractures to his head and body, as well as internal bleeding and brain damage.

A pathologist likened the severity of the injuries to that of being run over in a car crash or having suffered a fall from a height.

Meanwhile, Baptiste and Carew went to a flat in Northfields, Leicester.

Mr House claimed they told one resident, 35-year-old Patrick Moore, that Mr Parmar was in “a bad way” and asked Moore to go and find out what had happened to Khan, who was not answering his phone.

Moore allegedly cycled around the area for about 20 minutes and returned, informing them that Khan had been arrested and Mr Parmar had been found in the car boot – resulting in Baptiste and Carew leaving in a taxi.

They were later arrested.

Moore is also in the dock charged with assisting an offender, which he denies.

Baptiste and Carew had earlier admitted possessing class A drugs, with intent to supply, and that Carew had admitted common assault upon Mr Parmar’s girlfriend, who was struck with a bottle.

The trial continues.

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