Kareena Kapoor Clueless of Mars Mission

What’s Monika got in store for us this week? The rumour mill has been busy. Gossip is Kareena has a Mars Mission mix up, Ranveer does a hilarious Bang Bang dare, and Times of India lashes out at Ash.

Kareena Kapoor


Deepika Varun

Desi Fault in Our Stars casts Deepika

The fresh pair of Varun Dhawan and Deepika Padukone have been signed for the Hindi remake of the hit Hollywood flick, The Fault in Our Stars.

There were rumours that Alia would be signed up by the makers of the movie but sadly for Alia, it’s not her Godfather K-Jo who is directing the film but D-Pad’s close friend Homi Adajania who is. Thus Alia out, D-Pad in!

As for Varun, after being cast in the remake of Hollywood film, The Intouchables he is super excited with yet another remake coming his way.

Monika also heard that the shoot of the Hindi adaptation will begin in March 2015.

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya is ‘Hot Babe with UGLY Legs’

After knocking down Deepika’s image, India’s leading daily has now had the nerves to call Aishwarya’s legs UGLY!

Recently, the Times of India published an article ‘Hot babes with Ugly legs’ wherein Hollywood starlets and Bollywood actresses were targeted for not having perfect legs which grasped Western media’s attention.

After they put out the news about TOI’s yet another slip-up, the TOI immediately pulled off the shameful article. Monika thinks it’s a bad week for TOI!

Salman Khan

Salman Khan Fans Campaign Online

Since the ‘Salman’s fake abs’ video has gone viral, his fans have started a campaign supporting him on social networking websites.

As everyone knows SRK and Sallu fans are always at war and when SRK put a video proving his abs were all real, Sallu fans got really upset.
Ever since then, Salman’s huge fanbase has started a Twitter campaign #BodybuildingICONSalman to prove his abs are real.

Apparently the Salmaniacs have been posting pictures of Salman’s various shirtless avatars with posts saying that the Sallu is an inspiration for millions of men, who regularly work out in the gym and they support Sallu. Monika says hats off to Salmaniacs who are true fanatics.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer does Bang Bang Dare

In a funky way to promote his new film Bang Bang, Hrithik Roshan has been putting up challenges for his various colleagues. After challenging Priyanka to do a handstand and push ups, Hrithik challenged Ranveer to go out and pose on a main road of Mumbai for his fans.

Ranveer being himself, decided to take up the challenge one step further. He dressed up as Krrish, ran in the middle of the Bandra Road and mimicked Hrithik on ‘Main Aisa Kyun Hoon’.

Ranveer danced away on the busy road leaving the public absolutely confused. After the dance, Ranveer took off his mask and fled from the scene. Watch the hilarious video here.

SRK abs

SRK Proves he has Real Abs

Recently a video of Sallu’s abs was leaked online which would make us believe that Sallu’s six-pack abs in Ek Tha Tiger were edited in a studio and not shaped in a gym.

In response, SRK who probably got insecure that he will be targeted next, uploaded a video proving his eight pack abs are all natural.

King Khan has even posted details of his meticulous regime with his trainer and is seen performing several exercises in the brief clip, with his Happy New Year director Farah Khan cheering him on. Monika thinks Farah should not just cheer but also get up and join SRK.

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Clueless of Mars Mission

Move aside Alia, you have a new contender. This week, Bebo looked baffled when a journo asked her in Hindi what was her take on the success of Mangalyaan Mars orbit insertion by ISRO. As the world was appreciating the victory of Indian scientists, poor Bebo had no clue.

Kareena just kept asking the journalist to repeat the question several times and then translate it in English. When she couldn’t get the question even when asked in English, the journalists explained to her.

Bebo then congratulated ISRO and expressed her wish to go to space someday. Monika thinks Kareena is already in her own space!

Monika is our resident Gossip wali. Every week this Desi chick brings us selective gossip from Bollywood and the Desi entertainment world! 'Ek hafte mein itni Gossip... Hai Hai!' - A must weekly read!

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