Kangana Ranaut threatens to sue Filmfare Awards

Filmfare Awards 2022 has released an official statement condemning Kangana Ranaut’s remarks as the actress was planning to sue them.

Kangana Ranaut urges People not to 'Flaunt Gender' f

"It is beneath my dignity, work ethics and value system"

Kangana Ranaut has called out a prominent magazine, Filmfare, for ‘pitting her among mediocre work.’

Kangana Ranaut was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role this year for Thalaivii alongside Kiara Advani, Kriti Sanon, Parineeti Chopra, Taapsee Pannu and Vidya Balan.

The Manikarnika actor shared her message through an Instagram Story.

She wrote: “I’ve banned unethical, corrupt and totally unfair practices like Filmfare since 2014, but since I have been getting many calls from them for attending their award function this year as they want to give me an award for Thalaivii.”

She added: “I am shocked to know that they are still nominating me.

“It is beneath my dignity, work ethics and value system to encourage such corrupt practices in any way, that is why I have decided to sue Filmfare, thanks.”

The actor shared and commented that she was told by the magazine back in 2013, that if she doesn’t attend the award show or dance on the stage, she will not receive awards.

Kangana Ranaut also called those nominated alongside her ‘mediocre’.

She asked: “So when they know I won’t attend and as a policy, they won’t give awards to those who don’t attend so why nominations?

“Making desperate blackmailing calls to attend awards after being pitted against mediocre work. What is the purpose of all this.”

In a statement shared by the publication on their official site, they condemned the unwarranted accusations made by Ranaut.

The statement read: “It pains us at Filmfare, today, to be subjected to unwarranted malicious remarks by Ms Kangana Ranaut.

“For over six decades, Filmfare Awards and Filmfare, at large, has been a platform that celebrates and honours talent in the Film industry impartially and with utmost transparency.

“It is our strong ethic that has helped us in gaining the trust of our audiences and the film industry.

“As is customary during the awards, Filmfare’s Executive Editor informed Ms Ranaut about her nomination in the Best Actor in a Leading Role, Female category and asked for her address to send across the invitation.”

It continued: “The exact message was as follows ‘Hello Kangana, heartiest congratulations on your nomination for the Filmfare Awards.

“It’ll be a pleasure to have you there, do confirm your presence at the awards ceremony on August 30 at Jio World Convention Centre at BKC, Mumbai. It’ll help us plot your seats.

“PS: Please send us your residential address so that we can send you the invite. Regards.’

“At no time was there any insinuation of an award being given to her or any request for performance at the event made.”

The statement concluded: “This is a patently false accusation being made by Ms Ranaut.

“Our invitation to her was our effort in bringing together everyone in a collective celebration of what brings this nation together, that is the Indian Cinema.

“Filmfare Awards are a celebration of cinematic excellence and are awarded irrespective of the fact that a nominee attends or performs at the function.

“Further, Ms Ranaut, a 5-time Filmfare Awardee was given the award twice in absentia (2014 and 2015).

“Despite knowing that she would neither attend nor perform.”

“Given the irresponsible remarks made by Ms Ranaut about Filmfare Awards, we are withdrawing her Best Actress nomination for the movie Thalaivii.

“We reserve all rights to pursue any legal action against her malicious and defamatory statements tarnishing our reputation and goodwill.”

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