Jacqueline Fernandez kisses ‘conman’ Sukesh Chandrasekhar

Another picture of Jacqueline Fernandez and alleged conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar has gone viral, with the actress kissing the man.

Jacqueline Fernandez kisses 'conman' Sukesh Chandrasekhar f

"She has dated many so not new for her."

The controversy surrounding Jacqueline Fernandez and alleged conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar continues as another picture has gone viral.

A mirror selfie shows Sukesh facing forward while the actress wraps her arms around him and plants a kiss on his cheek.

The picture’s emergence comes just days after another selfie of the pair looking cosy went viral.

In that picture, Jacqueline is seen laughing and smiling while Sukesh kisses her cheek.

The two photos have refuelled the rumours that the two were in fact in a romantic relationship, despite Jacqueline previously denying it.

Social media users have commented on the matter.

One person wrote: “She has dated many so not new for her.”

Another said: “Golddigger.”

A third commented: “Money matters for these heroines.”

One netizen said: “I am actually shocked to hear such a thing about Jacqueline Fernandez. So shameful!!”

It is believed that both pictures were taken sometime between April and June 2021, when Sukesh Chandrasekhar was out on interim bail.

The millionaire is the main suspect in a Rs. 200 Crore (£20 million) extortion case also involving his wife Leena Maria Paul.

Jacqueline Fernandez was questioned about the accused and there was speculation that she was dating him, however, she refuted the rumours.

A spokesperson for the actress had said she was called to testify as a witness.

The spokesperson had said: “Jacqueline Fernandez is being called to testify as a witness by the ED.

“She has duly recorded her statements and in future will also be completely co-operating with the agency in the investigations.

“Jacqueline also categorically denies alleged slanderous statements made about her relationship with the involved couple.”

But Enforcement Directorate (ED) sources say that the pair met four times in Chennai while he was on bail and a private jet was even arranged for the Bollywood star.

Delhi Police accused Sukesh and 13 other individuals of duping Aditi Singh, the wife of billionaire businessman Shivinder Mohan Singh.

Authorities believe that Sukesh had extorted the money from Mr Singh by claiming that he would arrange for her husband’s release from prison.

Jacqueline Fernandez was questioned for seven hours by the ED in connection with the case in October 2021.

Although she denied the relationship rumours, Sukesh’s lawyer Anant Malik previously said:

“Jacqueline and Sukesh were dating, these are my instructions, this is straight from the horse’s mouth.”

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