More Bollywood Stars Linked to ‘Conman’ Sukesh Chandrasekhar

During an ED investigation, alleged conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar has claimed to have links to more Bollywood stars.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar f

"I was getting in touch with him"

Alleged conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar has named Shraddha Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan and Shilpa Shetty amid his ongoing extortion case.

During an interrogation conducted by India’s Enforcement Directorate (ED), he said that he has known Shraddha Kapoor since 2015.

The 32-year-old told the government agency that he had helped her legally in a case involving the country’s National Control Bureau (NCB).

The NCB had recorded the Half Girlfriend (2017) actress’ statement during an investigation into the death of fellow actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

However, no further action involving Kapoor had been taken by the bureau and ED sources dismissed Chandrasekhar’s claims.

He also referred to producer Harman Baweja and actor Kartik Aaryan, the star of his upcoming movie, Captain India (2022).

He had explained: “Harman is an old friend and I was getting in touch with him to co-produce his next movie Captain India with actor Kartik Aaryan.”

Again, ED sources dismissed this and said that Chandrasekhar did not even know Baweja or have Aaryan’s number.

The millionaire also claimed to be a friend of Shilpa Shetty and said he was helping her husband Raj Kundra during his ongoing porn racket case.

He added that he had personally congratulated two chief ministers on the phone after calling their offices following their assembly elections wins.

Again, sources denied both of Chandrasekhar’s statements.

He is currently the main suspect in a Rs. 200 Crore (£20 million) extortion case also involving his wife Leena Maria Paul.

Delhi Police accused the 32-year-old and 13 other individuals of duping Aditi Singh, the wife of billionaire businessman Shivinder Mohan Singh.

Authorities believe that Chandrasekhar had extorted money from her after claiming that he would arrange for her husband’s release from prison.

Chandrasekhar has previously been linked to Jacqueline Fernandez, with speculation that she has been dating him over the past year.

While she has refuted the rumours, selfies of them both looking cosy and kissing each other on the cheek have recently recirculated online.

They were allegedly taken some time between April to June 2021, when Chandrasekhar was out on interim bail.

More Bollywood Stars Linked to Sukesh Chandrashekhar

The ED has claimed that Chandrasekhar had been in regular contact with Fernandez since February 2021 until he got arrested on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

Additionally, a police chargesheet has reportedly revealed that he had given the Sri Lankan actress Rs. 10 Crore (£1 million) worth of gifts.

This included a horse worth Rs. 52 Lakh (£52,000) and a Persian cat worth Rs. 9 Lakh (£9,000) and various lavish accessories.

Fellow actress Nora Fatehi, who was gifted a luxury car from Chandrasekhar, was also previously summoned in connection with the case.

However, it has been reported that other actresses, many of whom are well-known A-listers, have all been receiving gifts from the alleged conman.

It is believed that he would send them under different names to ensure anonymity and protect his identity.

Fernandez was questioned for seven hours by the ED in connection with the case in October 2021.

They are now questioning a woman called Pinky Irani who is believed to have facilitated a ‘friendship’ between the pair.

It came after the Kick (2014) star’s makeup artist, Shaan Muttathil, said he was contacted by her in January 2021 to help set up an introduction via video call.

Jacqueline Fernandez was questioned for seven hours by the ED in connection with the Sukesh Chandrasekhar case in October 2021.

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