Is Maya Ali dating Osman Khalid Butt?

Lollywood diva Maya Ali and heartthrob Osman Khalid Butt recently addressed the most interesting rumour they had heard about themselves.

Is Maya Ali dating Osman Khalid Butt? - f

"We’re married with two children."

There’s no denying that Maya Ali and Osman Khalid Butt have striking chemistry onscreen.

From their first official project in Aik Nayee Cinderella to their last one in Diyar-e-Dil, the duo have time and again shared the silver screen as a couple.

Their acting is so real that some fans were convinced that they were a “married couple with two children”.

Maya and Osman were invited onto a special show, Shaan-e-Suhoor where Nida Yasir asked the actress about the most interesting rumour she has heard about herself.

Upon which Maya revealed that shortly after their second project together, Aunn Zara’s poster was released, she got a surprising call from her mother.

As she laughed hysterically at the memory of it, Maya said: “Did you get married? To that Osman guy? How could you? Why didn’t you tell me?”

The said poster showed the two in a bride and groom costume that started the rumour mills.

Osman Khalid Butt added: “Basically, a fan mischievously added onto a Wikipedia page that we’re married with two children.”

Upon how serious the rumour went, Maya Ali added that: “Once at an award show, we were sitting together and an aunty congratulated us and complimented the jodi we made.

“All of which was fine because we got those for the dramas we did together.

“But later, she also gave us blessings and wishes for our kids and that was when we realised people actually believe in that rumour.”

They eventually laughed it off together.

Not only do they gel well as co-actors, Maya and Osman are also close friends in real life.

Nida asked both of them about the qualities they liked in each other to which Osman Khalid Butt jokingly said:

“How much time do you have, Nida? Come on, Maya, start the list.”

Nida emphasised the fact that you cannot befriend everyone you meet in the industry that quickly.

She also pointed out how the actor is selective about his friends’ circle and keeps it small but the friendships go a long way back.

Agreeing with the host, Maya Ali shared that she has repeatedly mentioned how grateful she is for Osman’s friendship and that she cannot describe his value in her life in a word.

But she went on to add a few qualities that she admires about her friend:

“He makes people comfortable easily. There’s no ego in him, even now.”

“He guided me a lot while we worked on our second project about acting, body language, script since he’s a writer as well.

“Sometimes I just stop and think about how we have such a talented person amongst us in this industry. You can never be bored in his company.”

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