Is Ebraheem Al Samadi Dubai Bling’s Biggest Villain?

On ‘Dubai Bling’, Ebraheem Al Samadi became known for causing drama but is he the biggest villain on the show?

Is Ebraheem Al Samadi Dubai Bling's Biggest Villain f


"I agree with you. I like his honesty."

Ebraheem Al Samadi is Dubai Bling’s breakthrough star and seemingly, the biggest villain.

He is at the centre of the series’ drama and persists to stir up controversy throughout the season.

Fans witnessed the famous fight where coffees and purses were thrown because he wished to break into Zeina Khoury’s office.

It was far from his only incident, as many fans suspected he was looking for attention but were still captivated by what he would be doing.

With his flower shop Forever Rose, Ebraheem seems to have the greatest combined wealth on Dubai Bling, upwards of $50 million (£42.2 million).

Breakout Star

The 34-year-old may not be a fan favourite but he makes for entertaining drama.

Reddit users agreed in a thread titled Unpopular Opinion – Ebraheem was my favourite.

Fans concluded that although he might not have been loveable, he was not afraid of speaking his mind throughout the reality show.

One said: “Danya and Ebraheem can be messy, but at least they’re REAL.”

Another commented: “I agree with you. I like his honesty.”

Other fans said they “enjoyed watching Ebraheem being the punisher that made their lives miserable” because they couldn’t root for any of the cast members.

When Ebraheem got up from dinner to inform Farhana Bodi that Zeina and Safa Siddiqui were insulting her, he went out of his way to stir up controversy on Dubai Bling.

Zeina and Safa barged into the Forever Rose café to challenge Ebraheem over the matter after he produced more drama.

He admitted to creating the rumours, but he was so furious with the two that he subsequently stormed into Zeina’s office and attempted to acquire her business in an effort to replace her as her employer.

When Danya Mohammed spilt coffee on Zeina as a result of his actions, it became the most shocking scene of the entire season, and security had to remove them from the premises.

Will Fans Take to Ebraheem’s Redemption Arc?

Throughout the first season of Dubai Bling, Ebraheem made an effort to demonstrate his development.

The person who would break crockery when someone irritated him by posting images of his friends’ rivals was no longer around.

Fans almost felt sorry for him because of his endearing bond with Danya, especially after he sent her a touching letter that drew them both to tears.

One of the most talked-about Dubai Bling stars from the series is Ebraheem, who closed the season by publicly apologising to Zeina.

If there is a second series, will Ebraheem feature and more importantly, will he move away from being the show’s villain?

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