Dubai Bling’s Ebraheem slams Fans for questioning Sexuality

Dubai Bling star Ebraheem Al Samadi has lashed out at fans for making assumptions about his sexual orientation.

Dubai Bling's Ebraheem slams Fans for questioning Sexuality f

"that's why he's so insecure and fake."

Reality star Ebraheem Al Samadi has hit out at fans for questioning his sexual orientation.

Since the second season of Dubai Bling was released, viewers have been convinced that Ebraheem is gay.

The assumptions increased after the show aired his marriage to a woman later revealed to be named Hamdah.

On social media, viewers claimed Ebraheem was gay and was hiding his sexual orientation.

One user asked: “Am I the only one who thought Ebraheem might have been gay in the beginning?”

Accusing him of being in denial, another said:

“Make peace with your true sexuality. Maybe you wouldn’t act so bitter then.”

One agreed: “Nah he can’t be real, that’s why he’s so insecure and fake.”

One comment read: “Wait is it just me or can’t you all see this Ebraheem guy is gay?

“I mean I see all the gayness in him and yep, I might be wrong but!

“Damn he sure has a lot of gayness in him and if he is, please Ebraheem, don’t be shy to come out of the closet.”

Ebraheem has now fired back, addressing the comments in a livestream.

The reality star and businessman claimed that members of the LGBTQ community were posting the comments in a bid to “push their agenda” on him.

Ebraheem stated that while he respects the community, he believes that as soon as they push their “agenda”, they have “crossed the line”.

In the video, he said: “I respect them for who they are, but the moment that they are going to be pushing their agenda on me, that’s the time they’ve crossed the line.”

Ebraheem went on to say that if he was gay, he would have no reason to hide it because he is an American citizen.

He elaborated: “I’m an American citizen, I’ve lived in America my entire life.

“I don’t need to get married to please my parents because I own my own business, I’m not working in my family’s company.”

“But it’s them (LGBTQ community) themselves.”

@notxh2 You guys need to stop the hate fr #dubaibling #arabtiktok #ebraheemalsamadi ? son original – Itss._.medd

Recalling an instance with a transgender woman, Ebraheem said she assumed his sexual orientation and claimed she only messaged him because she thought he was gay.

He added: “Okay, keep your transgender, or whatever you want to do to yourself. Stop coming to other people. I respect everyone for who they are.”

Ebraheem had previously called out fans for requesting pictures of his new wife.

In a post, he said: “I’ve been getting an enormous amount of requests to share full images of my wife.

“I find this very disrespectful because this is her right to remain private as this is the culture of her family and of many families in the Middle East and Islamic world.”

“It was my choice for me to be in the public’s eye. As for her, she wants to remain private.

“I ask all my supporters to respect this.”

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