‘Khumar’ faces criticism over Rayyan’s Bathrobe Scene

‘Khumar’ faced criticism from viewers after one scene featured Rayyan wearing a bathrobe during his honeymoon.

Khumar' receives Criticism over Rayyan's Honeymoon Scene f

"it can’t be watched with family.”

Viewers are loving Khumar but one particular scene had them sparked outrage among them.

Starring Feroze Khan and Neelam Muneer, Khumar is a love story that delves into the challenges arising from societal class differences and the negativity that stems from them.

While the show has been praised, the 12th episode received criticism for the honeymoon scene between Rayyan (Agha Mustafa) and Hamna (Sheherzade Peerzada).

In the scene, Hamna is at the hotel unpacking whilst on a video call with her mother.

Her mother advises her to keep Rayyan under control but Hamna urges her not to worry.

As Hamna and her mother discuss their ulterior motives, Rayyan emerges from the bathroom in a bathrobe.

Khumar' receives Criticism over Rayyan's Honeymoon Scene

On social media, viewers said they found the scene uncomfortable to watch because given that Rayyan was in a bathrobe and he was on his honeymoon, there was the implication that the couple may have gotten intimate beforehand.

One viewer said: “I was also feeling bad after watching the scene because it can’t be watched with family.”

Another said: “I completely understand Pakistan is not an Islamic country at all.

“Pakistani people now feel no shame these days. Please put an age limit for this drama. No kids should be allowed to watch these dramas.”

One comment read: “Rayyan’s bathrobe entry scene was unnecessary.”

A user said: “I felt a bit uncomfortable watching this with my mother.”

Others believed Khumar and other Pakistani shows were subtly spreading vulgarity.

The scene also came under fire after Hamna’s call with her mother ended.

Hamna tells her husband: “Did you hear what mother has said?

“We have to enjoy and we also have to eat Doritos. Eat.”

Hamna then enjoys the snack while Rayyan expresses how proud he is to call her his wife.

Viewers did not like the brand’s sudden endorsement and also pointed out that Doritos are not Halal.

One said: “Doritos are not Halal.”

Another said:

“Doritos are haram, it has some components from pig. Shame on Geo for promoting it.”

Khumar centres on Faiz (Feroze Khan) and Hareem (Neelam Muneer), two individuals from different backgrounds who find their lives connected by destiny.

While Faiz is from an affluent family, Hareem comes from a lower-middle-class background.

As Hareem works to make ends meet, Faiz, a friend of her brother, silently supports her family financially.

Faiz secretly loves Hareem but his mother disapproves of his association with Hareem’s family due to the significant class difference.

But an unexpected turn of events turns their lives upside down.

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