Inside Sarah Inam’s unstable 3-Month Marriage

Sarah Inam was allegedly murdered by her husband Shahnawaz Amir. Now details of their turbulent three-month marriage have come to light.

Inside Sarah Inam's unstable 3-Month Marriage f

he actually spent her money on luxury items.

Sarah Inam was allegedly murdered by her husband Shahnawaz Amir, the son of senior journalist Ayaz Amir.

It was reported that she was struck over the head with a dumbbell.

Her death sent shockwaves across Pakistan and now, details of her turbulent three-month marriage have come to light.

According to police investigations, her husband conspired with friends to extort money from Sarah and eventually kill her.

Sarah and Shahnawaz’s nikkah took place on July 18, 2022. The arrangements were made by Shahnawaz’s friend Mutabir Shah.

After her marriage, Sarah returned to Dubai on July 21 before returning to Pakistan five days later.

When she returned, Shahnawaz convinced Sarah to invest in a property. Sarah, her husband and a real estate agent went to the town of Murree.

Shahnawaz asked Sarah to purchase an apartment in the town.

She then paid Usman, the real estate agent, Rs. 50,000 (£195).

Later that day on Shahnawaz’s request, Usman and several others turned up at the accused’s farmhouse and demanded more money for the apartment.

Out of fear, Sarah Inam contacted her father-in-law and told him about the incident. She also left for Dubai two days later.

In August, Sarah came back to Pakistan. This time, Shahnawaz told her to buy a car.

Shahnawaz met Haroon Tarar and introduced him to Sarah. She agreed to buy the car for Rs. 2.8 million (£11,000).

However, the purchase was not completed as Sarah told Haroon she could only pay in UAE Dirhams. Haroon demanded payment in Pakistani rupees.

Sarah gave her husband 70,000 Dirhams (£17,000) before leaving for Dubai.

According to reports, Shahnawaz gave the money to his uncle in exchange for Pakistani currency.

He then paid for the car and kept the leftover money.

Police said that Shahnawaz used to ask Sarah for money, claiming it was for charities. But he actually spent her money on luxury items.

It was revealed that Sarah’s parents were initially against the marriage. They later accepted it after speaking to Shahnawaz’s family.

Shahnawaz had a heated phone call with Sarah’s mother.

She later complained to her daughter about Shahnawaz’s rude behaviour.

When Sarah spoke to her husband about the matter, he verbally abused her.

Police say that whenever he was drunk, Shahnawaz would verbally abuse his wife and threaten to leave her.

It was reported that the night before the murder, Sarah Inam tried to resolve her marital issues. But the next morning, Shahnawaz killed his wife in a fit of rage.

Shahnawaz was later arrested.

Police have since included witnesses of the marriage in their investigation as Maulvi Ghulam Murtaza, who solmenised the marriage.

When questioned, they said that after Sarah’s death, Shahnawaz’s family tried to have the marriage registered to an older date.

Estate agent Usman, car dealer Haroon Tarar and Shahnawaz’s uncle have also been included in the investigation.

Meanwhile, Shahnawaz claimed that he thought his wife was having an affair. He said that when he confronted her about the matter, she tried to kill him, leading to him fatally hitting her in “self-defence”.

Ayaz Amir and his ex-wife Sameena Shah were also arrested.

On September 27, 2022, Ayaz was cleared of all charges after “no evidence” was found against him.

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