India’s Next Top Model Final ends on Cliffhanger

Episode ten of India’s Next Top Model ends on the biggest cliffhanger we’ve ever seen! Lakmé, drama, tears, friendships, and bitching – it has it all.

India’s Next Top Model Final ends on Cliffhanger

Lisa closes the show, revealing, 'And the winner is...'

The tenth episode of India’s Next Top Model has given us the most jaw dropping cliffhanger ever, leaving everyone begging for more!

We love the suspense, and this week, we definitely got it.

The episode kicks off in dramatic form, with Lisa Haydon hyping up the near end of our Top Model journey.

Climactic music, emotional introductions, and teasers for the big Lakmé Walk, this episode really does have it all!

Giving a rounded view of the contestants journeys, Lisa offers an overview of each girls time in the competition.

Flash forward to the present day though, and all three contestants are taken to the Renaissance Hotel.

Awaiting them in their luxury suite are chocolates and clothes provided by Amazon, treating the girls like true superstars.

India's Next Top Model Final ends on CliffhangerNeeraj Gaba pops in, bringing with him the ultimate blast from the past!

Messages from home leave Gloria, Rushali, and Danielle in tears.

Danielle can’t control her emotions, commenting: “No one expected me to do so well on the show…It carries a lot for me.”

Whilst these video messages give comfort, the same can’t be said when the ex-contestants show up on the screen.

Malvika, Sreeradhe, Aditi and Anam give their harsh opinions on the finalists, leaving all three contestants open mouthed in shock!

Aditi critiques Rushali on her look, stating: “She doesn’t have that height. I don’t see her in the top three.”

Malvika, however, doesn’t mince her words about Gloria, commenting: “She doesn’t fit right in the top three.”

Of course, Gloria doesn’t back down and fights back: “I have proved my worth…I’m here because I deserve this!”

But the girls don’t take these comments to heart, as they have bigger things to worry about, such as Lakmé!

India's Next Top Model Final ends on CliffhangerArriving at the fashion venue, the girls are completely alone, with no guidance from Dabboo, Anusha, Neeraj or Lisa.

Fashion designer and stylist, Aki Narula is on hand to dress the contestants, as well as kick them into top model shape.

Giving her their best walk, they each strut down a mock runway, but Aki is less than impressed.

Rushali gets harsh feedback from Aki, who screams:

“You know what’s happening with you, you’re just limp….It’s not happening.”

Danielle is also on the receiving end of her harsh tongue, stating:

“Do not cross your feet, please walk normally! Go back, walk faster, faster, faster!”

Back in the hotel though, the girls are determined to improve, and practice their best runway walks.

The three sit hand in hand and pray, and end the day on a calm note, preparing for the big day ahead of them.

India's Next Top Model Final ends on CliffhangerAfter a good night’s sleep, it’s lights, camera, and strut, as the official Lakmé day arrives.

Amidst the mayhem of hair, makeup and styling, we see Danielle, Gloria, and Rushali all head to the catwalk, ready for their show stopping moment.

But what happens next? In an episode preview for next week, we are given a sneak peek into their time at Lakmé, and things don’t look so rosy.

Danielle is in tears, Rushali can’t keep still, and Gloria looks flustered!

Ending in an elimination showdown, Lisa closes the show, revealing:

“And the winner is…”

But who takes the crown? Make sure you watch the final episode of India’s Next Top Model next Sunday at 7pm on MTV India to find out!

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

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