Indian Woman uses Matrimonial Website to offer Suitor Job

An Indian woman has gone viral for offering a potential suitor on a matrimonial website a job instead of a date.

Indian Woman uses Matrimonial Website to offer Suitor Job f

“Seven years of fintech experience is great"

An Indian woman has gone viral for her unique use of a matrimonial site.

Udita Pal was sent a potential match’s profile by her father but instead of discussing plans for a date, she offered him a job.

She is the co-founder of Bengaluru-based Salt.Pe, a fintech platform fostering international transactions.

Her father eventually found out and was not too impressed.

Udita shared their text exchange on Twitter and it left social media users in hysterics.

She captioned her post: “What getting disowned from your father looks like.”

Her father asks to talk to her, saying it is urgent.

He then says: “You know what you did. You cannot hire people from matrimonial sites.”

Udita’s father knew the potential match and wondered:

“What to tell his father now?”

He continued: “I saw your message. You gave him interview link and asked for resume.”

He then appears to become frustrated and urges his daughter to respond to his messages.

“Reply you crazy girl.”

Udita eventually responds to her father, cheekily laughing before defending her actions.

She explains that her potential match had seven years of experience in the fintech industry. Udita later apologises to her father.

She replied: “Seven years of fintech experience is great and we are hiring. I’m sorry.”

Udita’s post went viral, with many praising her unique way of recruitment.

One said: “Loooooooove this!! You go girl! Never settle, or settle when you want.”

Another wrote:

“Normal people: Uses Linkedin as a matrimonial site. Legends: Uses matrimonial site as Linkedin.”

A third person commented: “I am sure this isn’t the job he was expecting to get initially, but this may have sufficed.”

One comment read: “And that’s how you play by the rules while breaking them.”

Udita later updated her followers, revealing that the man did not accept her job offer as he wanted Rs. 62 Lakhs (£64,000) per annum.

She also revealed that her father deleted her account from the matrimonial website.

Udita joked: “I hope I get married on YouTube.”

Her Twitter thread even attracted the attention of matrimonial site Jeevansathi.

The site told Udita: “Let us know if you still have an opening and we will apply for the perfect life partner. #WeMatchBetter.”

Udita replied, asking for a month’s free subscription.

“Just give me JS for free for a month, let me snoop around a little.”

Jeevansathi then advised her to look at the recruitment platform Naukri when it comes to hiring.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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