Indian Wife wants Justice for Husband killed by Her Brothers

An Indian woman from Panipat, Haryana, is seeking justice for her husband after he was brutally killed by her two brothers.

Indian Wife wants Justice for Husband killed by Her Brothers f

They alleged that Komal was bringing shame

An Indian woman from Panipat, Haryana, was left a widow after her brothers killed her husband, claiming it was for their family’s honour.

The woman, Komal and her husband Neeraj Verma had a love affair for three years and decided to get married in November 2020.

However, their relationship was against the wishes of Komal’s family.

Komal told police that her mother and brothers used to beat and torture her for being with Neeraj.

She stated that she had left home in 2018 and moved to Hisar, Haryana.

Komal said that she started working in a showroom, and cut ties with her family.

Her brothers and mother did not file any complaints to the police of her disappearance in all that time.

Komal’s family finally tracked her down one and a half years after her disappearance and started calling her on the phone.

Her elder brother Ajay and her mother Sunita asked Komal to come back home.

Komal said that when she did come home, her younger brother Vijay beat her and struck her over the head. Their mother abused her and threw her out of the house.

Komal proceeded to inform her family that she was marrying Neeraj.

Komal’s brothers stated that they would kill Neeraj and commit suicide afterwards if that were to happen.

They alleged that Komal was bringing shame to the entire family.

Despite their threats and wishes, Komal married Neeraj, only for her brothers to kill him 38 days after the wedding.

Komal’s brothers Ajay and Vijay allegedly killed Neeraj on January 1, 2021, and absconded from the scene.

Komal alleged she got a call from her mother on the day of the incident informing her that Neeraj’s remaining family would be the next to be killed.

Neeraj’s post-mortem was conducted in a civil hospital in Panipat on January 2, 2021.

The report stated that there were 16 knife wounds on the body, the victim died due to a punctured lung and excessive bleeding from multiple wounds.

Neeraj’s body has been given to his family for his last rites.

The police have alleged that they are conducting thorough searches for the accused.

Komal has stated that she will be staying and supporting her in-laws after her husband’s murder.

She stated: “My brothers deserve to be hung for Neeraj’s brutal murder.”

There have been no reports of the accused being arrested as of yet, the search for Ajay and Vijay is still ongoing.

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