Indian Model claims Raj Kundra Demanded a ‘Nude Audition’

Just days after Raj Kundra was arrested in a pornography-related case, an Indian model’s previous allegations against him have surfaced.

Indian Model claims Raj Kundra Demanded a 'Nude Audition' f

"I was shocked and I refused."

An Indian model-actress has accused entrepreneur Raj Kundra of demanding a “nude audition” from her.

Mumbai Police recently arrested Kundra, the husband of Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, for his alleged involvement in a pornography-related case.

He is currently a key conspirator and is due to appear in court.

Following Kundra’s arrest, many celebrities and entertainment stars have come forward with their opinions on the case.

Now, a video has surfaced of model and actress Sagarika Shona Suman making some damning allegations of her own.

Sagarika Shona Suman revealed that she was offered a role in a web series produced by Raj Kundra.

However, she claimed that Kundra “demanded a nude audition” from her, to which she refused.

She then called for the businessman’s arrest and urged the police to expose the “racket” he was involved in.

In the video, released in February 2021, Sagarika Shona Suman said:

“I am a model and I am working in the industry for 3-4 years. I have not done a lot of work.

“During the lockdown, certain things happened that I want to share.

“In August 2020, I got a call from Umesh Kamat ji who offered me a web series owned and produced by Raj Kundra.

“I asked him about Raj Kundra and he told me he is Shilpa Shetty’s husband.

“He told me if I joined (the web series), I would continue to get work and I would reach great heights.

“So I agreed and then he told me to audition. I told him it’s Covid-19 so how will I give the audition. So he said ‘you can do it via video-call’.

“When I joined the video call, he demanded that I give a nude audition. I was shocked and I refused.

“The video call had three people – one of whom had their face covered and one of them was Raj Kundra I think.

“I want that if he is involved in such things, he is arrested and such a racket is exposed.”

Raj Kundra’s arrest came on Monday, July 19, 2021.

According to the Mumbai Police, Kundra is a key conspirator in a case regarding the creation and publishing of pornographic films via mobile apps.

Kundra spent the night of his arrest in police custody, and is booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), such as cheating and indulging in the obscene act in public places.

Watch Sagarika Shona Sunam’s claims against Raj Kundra here:


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Images courtesy of Bollywood Helpline and Raj Kundra Instagram

Video courtesy of Bollywood Helpline

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