Disha Patani’s 1st Audition aged 19 sparks Plastic Surgery Claims

Disha Patani first audition as a 19-year-old has resurfaced, however, it led to trolling, with many accusing her of having plastic surgery.

Disha Patani's 1st Audition aged 19 sparks Plastic Surgery Claims f

Social media users trolled Disha Patani after a video of her first audition resurfaced.

A video showed a 19-year-old Disha dressed in a white tank top and denim shorts, looking at the camera and stating her information.

She then shows her side profiles and smiles before performing an acting sequence.

The video ends with Disha holding up a whiteboard with her credentials, which reveal she is just aged 19.

Despite the innocent nature of the video, it resulted in trolling.

Some could not believe she was 19 at the time but many accused her of having plastic surgery, pointing out that Disha looks noticeably different now.

One person wrote: “Surgeries, gym and all-time cleavage on show.”

Another said: “So sloppy looking. Thanks to surgeries and make-up.”

A third said: “She was a natural beauty at 19, not anymore.”

Some mocked her acting skills, with one commenting:

“Now I understand why she doesn’t get movies, why only songs are available.”

Another stated: “Acting is useless, then and now also.”

Others defended the actress, stating that she may have gone under the knife but it doesn’t give people the right to comment on her appearance.

One said: “Yes ok she got surgeries, probably with own her money, y’all just bitter about every women nowadays like makeup and surgery so what???

“Her money, her face and she doesn’t look bad, she looks good so please calm down if your lives are sad.”

Another said: “Some people are so jealous they just have to be bitter about everything.

“If she hadn’t gotten surgeries they would say she doesn’t fit the Bollywood standards (like an auntie just called her sloppy looking in one of these comments) but since she has, they’ll shame that too.

“She looks innocent and sweet in this audition, this is how she walked into Bollywood and then did what she had to do to survive because Bollywood demands a certain kinda beauty.

“Y’all are just protecting your own insecurities and lack of self-worth by criticising her appearance.”

Disha Patani’s public appearances frequently lead to trolling, whether it is her choice of outfit or her appearance.

Previously, Disha revealed that she quit her studies to pursue a Bollywood career.

She said: “I didn’t have an option of going back or giving up. I left my studies to pursue a career in Bollywood. I am an independent person.

“I can’t be just no one, I have to be someone, so when I came here I had no option of going back.

“Even till now, I haven’t reached anywhere, and even if I reach up, I have to go down, this is life.”


Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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