Indian Man sends Sex Toys to Student after being Rejected

In a bizarre incident, an Indian man from Mumbai sent sex toys to a student’s house after she rejected his advances.

Indian Man sends Sex Toys to Student after being Rejected f

she became concerned when the parcels kept on coming.

An Indian man has been arrested after he repeatedly sent sex toys to a 21-year-old student after she rejected him.

The 26-year-old accused also posted her contact details on pornographic websites.

The man has been identified as Kunal Angolkar of Mumbai.

He was arrested after months of the police trying to track him down.

Kunal confessed to the crime, telling the police that he did it as an act of revenge for spurning his advances.

He sent boxes of sex toys to the woman’s home via a courier for months.

The matter first came to light in February 2021 when the woman filed a police complaint, saying she kept on getting phone calls from strangers requesting sexual favours.

She also told officers that she was being sent boxes of sex toys.

The woman initially did not think anything was wrong as she thought the parcels had been sent by mistake. She just returned them to the sender.

However, she became concerned when the parcels kept on coming.

Out of curiosity, she opened one parcel and found that it contained sex toys.

The woman then went to the police and told them what was happening.

A case was subsequently filed under the Indian Penal Code and IT Act. The case was then transferred to Mumbai Police’s cyber cell.

Officers launched an investigation and began by trying to establish the suspect’s address through the courier company he had used.

However, he had not mentioned his name or address.

One officer said: “We approached the courier company and asked them to track down the sender.

“We also started looking for the IP address of the person who uploaded the girl’s number on the porn site.”

Investigators soon discovered that the suspect had placed orders for sex toys using VPN connections in a bid to conceal his identity.

They then contacted the internet service provider in order to obtain the IP addresses of users who had visited the sex toy site.

An officer explained: “We got more than 500 IP addresses.

“Then we asked for the list of IP addresses from which orders were placed for sex toys.”

“This way we tracked down one IP address used by the accused and traced him.”

It was discovered that the Indian man lived in the woman’s neighbourhood.

Senior Inspector Dhananjay Ligade said:

“We had no leads in this case in the beginning. The victim had never imagined that an acquaintance of hers would be involved in harassing her.

“He had covered his tracks well.”

Kunal was arrested and it was found that he was unemployed.

He told officers that he harassed the victim after she had rejected his advances. Afterwards, he managed to obtain her phone number and upload it on a porn website.

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