Indian Bride wears Panipuri ‘Jewellery’ for Wedding

In a unique incident, an Indian bride was seen wearing panipuri ‘jewellery’ for her wedding. A video has gone viral.

Indian Bride wears Panipuri 'Jewellery' for Wedding f

"marriage games are truly a traditional and essential part"

A video has gone viral of an Indian bride sporting panipuri jewellery for her wedding.

Panipuri may be a popular Indian snack but this bride wore it for her big day.

The bride, Akshaya, is seen dressed in pink and gold bridalwear along with matching jewellery.

However, she is seen surrounded by the popular street food on her table along with other dishes.

Akshaya is also seen wearing a panipuri necklace and bangle. As she sits, one of her relatives places a crown made of panipuri on top of her head.

Meanwhile, the bride smiles throughout, clearly enjoying the occasion.

The video was shared on Instagram by Arthi Balaji Makeover Styles, Akshaya’s make-up artist.

Arthi also revealed that the makeup had been on Akshaya for 12 hours.

The caption read: “Many congratulations to my pretty bride Akshaya and my groom Abhishek.

“This makeup was done at 3 am and this video was shot at 3 pm.

“Looks pleasant and flawless finish without any patches on her skin.

“Indian marriage games are truly a traditional and essential part of the Indian wedding extravaganza!”

The video went viral and received more than 4.5 million views.

Netizens flooded the comments section, with many pointing out the panipuri ‘jewellery’.

One person said: “Perfect for panipuri lovers.”

Another said: “Wow panipuri.”

A third stated: “Panipuri garland.”

One netizen wrote: “Wow panipuri. Awesome.”

Others praised the bride’s makeup look and were stunned at how long it stayed on.

A person said:

“Omg, that’s 12 hours, awesome makeup work, her makeup stayed for so long.”

Whether it was part of a family wedding ritual or simply some quirky jewellery, it is not yet known.


But this was not the only food-related video of the bride on the make-up artist’s account.

Another video showed Akshaya sitting with a cloth covering her bridalwear. The same relative then piles a stack of poppadoms on her head.

As she nervously waits, the stack is then crushed, sending crumbs falling everywhere.

The fun video shows Akshaya laughing as crumbs fall to the floor and stick to her hair.

The unique wedding ritual prompted intrigue from netizens.

One person asked: “What’s this ritual? Looks damn cool.”

Another asked: “Please tell me about this tradition.”

A person then provided an answer: “Its a tradition followed mainly by South Indian Hindus Telugu.. many Tamils many mallu Hindus.

“It’s basically a play game after marriage.”

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