Imran Abbas claims living in Mumbai feels like ‘Home’

Imran Abbas recalled his time working in India. He shared fond memories and said living in Mumbai felt like home.

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"So I feel very at home in Mumbai.”

Imran Abbas expressed his love for India, claiming Mumbai’s streets ignited a “homely” feeling while he was working there.

The renowned Pakistani actor said this on the Footprints podcast, which was hosted by Hina Altaf and Syed Ali.

He said that he loved working in India, revealing that he has many friends in the neighbouring country.

“Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a very dear friend of mine.

“Mona Kapoor – ex-wife of Boney Kapoor was my Rakhi sister.

“I made so many friends over there that I think even now, my best friends are in India. So I feel very at home in Mumbai.”

Imran claimed he was previously accused by his mother of travelling to Mumbai more frequently than he did to Islamabad.

Imran asserted that the connection between India and Pakistan can not be denied based on the fact that they have shared roots.

“There may be a hundred clashes and no matter how many times one would say that India is a rival country, those roots can not be left behind.”

He revealed that his parents spent their childhood in India and had yearned to visit their birthplace. But they could not due to the political differences between the two countries.

Imran Abbas revealed he specifically visited those small streets, just to see where his parents came from.

He stated: “It felt so homely.”

However, Pakistani fans did not appreciate his endearing comments about India.

One user suggested: “Why don’t you shift there, brother.”

Another wrote: “Be glad you are in a country that was given to you solely for Islam.

“Nourish it, cherish it and respect it. Don’t list after a country which will not take a second to destroy you.”

One wrote:

“Get Indian nationality then. Stay there permanently for a homely feel.”

Another commented: “Seems like he is desperate for work.”

The Khuda Aur Mohabbat actor also shared a hilarious instance when he found his picture outside a men’s bathroom.

He also appreciated Delhi’s airport and Lucknow’s culture. His fans from India left their appreciative comments on the podcast.

One wrote: “I am from Delhi and we all like you very much, Imran Abbas.”

Another commented: “Imran is my most favourite from Pakistan!”

Imran Abbas has worked in many Indian films including Creature 3D, Jaanisaar and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

His next project Jee Vey Sohneya Jee is set to be released worldwide on February 16, 2024.


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