How did Janhvi Kapoor prepare for ‘Bawaal’?

Janhvi Kapoor discussed her role and preparation for the film ‘Bawaal’ during its trailer launch, where she stars alongside Varun Dhawan.

How did Janhvi Kapoor prepare for ‘Bawaal’? - f

"It is not just about falling in love."

Janhvi Kapoor has been creating a buzz with her upcoming film Bawaal.

The actress recently shared insights into her preparation for the role and her experience shooting the film alongside co-star Varun.

When asked about what attracted her to the script of Bawaal and made her want to be a part of the film, Janhvi replied:

“It was definitely the layered narrative and the emotional depth of the characters.

“The script is not just a love story, but also a journey of self-discovery, conflict resolution, and a deeper understanding of life and the importance of happiness, which made it very compelling.”

Bawaal is described as an unconventional love story, and Janhvi shed light on what makes it unique and different from other love stories we have seen.

She said: “It’s unconventional because it is not just about falling in love or the usual conflicts in a relationship, but also the inner and most of the time unnecessary war we’re dealing with, within our daily lives.

“It presents love as a journey, where two individuals, despite their personal differences and their own internal struggles, embark on a transformative journey together.

“It’s not only about romantic love, but also about understanding oneself, personal growth, and finding common ground amidst personal differences.

“A big part of the story is about our constant yearning for nothingness and to recognise what true happiness and gratitude are.”

As an actor, Janhvi Kapoor delved into the process of preparing for her role in Bawaal.

When asked about any specific training or research, she replied:

“I conducted my own personal research into the portrayal of the role, and with Nitesh Sir’s guidance, I feel I’ve been able to deliver Nisha’s character as authentically but most importantly sensitively as I could.”

Switching gears to her on-screen chemistry with Varun Dhawan, Janhvi expressed her admiration for her co-star:

“Working with Varun was a great experience.

“He is an amazing actor and a supportive co-star, which made our on-screen chemistry quite natural.”

“We shared many memorable moments while shooting for the film, especially during the scenes shot in Europe, which was a mixture of hard work and fun.”

With her dedication to authenticity and her evident chemistry with Varun, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Bawaal, which promises to be a refreshing take on love and personal growth.

Bawaal is set to premiere on July 21, 2023, on Amazon Prime Video, reaching audiences across 200 countries.

Initially scheduled for a theatrical release on October 6, the film has now opted for a digital platform for its global debut.

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