Horror Story ~ Review

Horror Story sees debut Director Ayush Raina in an impressive first film. Our Bollywood film reviewer, Faisal Saif provides the low-down on the story, performances, direction and music. Find out if it is one to watch or give a miss.

horror story

As usual, before starting up the review, let me ‘warn’ you that Horror Story is definitely not for people with weak hearts, high blood pressure or heart problems.

This movie is also not suitable for the audience who looks for romance or a love story in a film. But if you are a ‘horror’ film fan, trust me you really cannot afford to miss Horror Story at any cost.

Horror Story

Horror Story tells a horror story of seven college friends Achint (played by Nishant Malkani), Maghesh (played by Ravish Desai), Samrat (played by Hasan Zaidi), Maggie (played by Aparna Bajpai), Neena (played by Radhika Menon) and Sonia (played by Nandini Vaid).

The friends, in order to bid farewell to Neel (played by Karan Kundra), enter Hotel Grandiouse, which is sealed for years despite knowing the fact that it’s haunted.

Horror Story looks like an inspiration from other Hollywood and International Films, but is a good effort.
Karan Kundra stands out and other actors are good.
Ayush Raina makes an impressive debut with Horror Story.
The camera work looks good, the Production Values are good. Editing is awesome.
The film do not have songs, but the background score is amazing.
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Horror Story is Indias answer to The Evil Dead. Review Scores by Faisal Saif

They mention that it used to be a mental asylum a long time ago. Things take a devilish turn when one of their friends is killed and all others are trapped in the dark world of evil spirits inside the hotel.

Horror Story may remind you of some Hollywood or International Films made along similar lines, but what stands out with this film is the treatment and honesty from the house of Vikram Bhatt which deserves a standing ovation.

Performance wise, Karan Kundra stands out along with other actors who perform very well, gelling with the complete story.

Films like Horror Story surely depend upon performances, but most importantly, such films depend on their treatment.

Ayush Raina debuts as a Director with Horror Story and he does full justice with the screenplay provided by Vikram Bhatt and Mohan Azad.

Ayush successfully creates that particular required eerie atmosphere with the scenes, camera work and background score.

Ayush makes sure that once the viewer is seated on his seat, he or she is tied up until the last reel of the film. The camera work and production values are also good and helps the film to scare you more. The background score is wonderful.

Special Mention: Like you have seen and noticed in the film’s trailer, you will surely take back the haunted poem ‘Ringa Ringa Roses’ home.

Horror films may have a very short life in cinemas, but such films are widely watched and appreciated on Televisions and DVD’s. And if there are more films like Horror Story, Bollywood can surely stand out in the horror films market too.

Horror Story can be easily termed as India’s answer to The Evil Dead (1981)! Don’t miss this scary ride.

Faisal Saif is our Bollywood film reviewer and Journalist from B-Town. He has huge passion for everything Bollywood and adores its magic on and off screen. His motto is to "Stand unique and tell Bollywood Stories in a Different Way."