Hira Khan dazzles Fans with her Dance at a Wedding

Hira Khan has again wowed fans with by sharing an Instagram video of her dance performance from a friend’s wedding.

Hira Khan dazzles Fans with her Dance at a Wedding f

Hira Khan recently took to her Instagram, sharing a video of herself dancing at a friend’s wedding.

Clad in a pale green outfit, Hira had her hair tied back in a slick bun adorned with white flowers.

She was wearing traditional jewellery and sneakers underneath the outfit.

The clip featured her dancing to a Bollywood song, flaunting her slick moves.

She captioned the video: “Prepared this with the husband – ended up doing it alone. Should I dance more often?”

Her husband Arsalan Khan had choreographed her, however, he was supposed to perform alongside her.

Hira has a great love for dancing and even proposed to her husband during a dance. The couple danced together at their wedding as well.

Netizens commented on her dance performance.

One user said: “Beautiful! I love this.”

Another remarked: “First Pakistani celebrity who indeed knows how to dance properly. I just love your moves!”

One commented: “You set the stage on fire!

Another wrote: “Girl come teach meee.”

One said: “You never miss a beat.”

Many people also answered her question and expressed that she should indeed post more dancing videos.

One commented: “Yes, yes! We need more dance videos.”

Another said: “We want more of these videos.”


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However, some people criticised her for choosing a Bollywood song to dance to.

One said: “A few days back she was criticising Bollywood and now herself is dancing on Bollywood songs.”

Another said: “Pakistani fake drama industry actors die if they don’t dance on Indian/Bollywood songs after 3 days.”

One commented: “These idiots will die one day dancing on their freaking songs. Slaves!”

Another asked: “Why are you dancing on Bollywood songs? Aunty.”

Even people from India questioned her contrasting actions and words.

One critiqued:

“You curse Bollywood and then proceed to dance on their songs too.”

Another asked: “Does Pakistan not have their own songs to dance on?”

The comments were also full of the moral police, who pointed out her sleeveless dress and cropped blouse.

One said: “May Allah guide you. If you watch it with sound off, she looks crazy. What has happened to our Muslim daughters?”

Another commented: Girl you just did Umrah! Why would you do this type of stuff after such a spiritual experience?”

One wrote: “Shameless people. Shameless husband.”

Despite the different comments, one thing is certain; Hira Khan indeed exhibits exceptional dancing skills.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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