Have Karan Aujla & Raka ended their Feud?

The renowned Punjabi singer, Karan Aujla, recently addressed his ongoing feud with the artist Raka during an Instagram live session.

Have Karan Aujla & Raka ended their Feud? - F

"Don't tell that man about pride."

In a recent turn of events, celebrated Punjabi singer Karan Aujla addressed the ongoing controversy with fellow artist Raka during an Instagram live session.

The feud, which has been the talk of the Punjabi music industry, revolves around accusations of copying song beats.

Karan Aujla, known for his hit songs and significant contributions to the Punjabi music industry, spoke candidly about his singing career, personal struggles, and the ongoing dispute with Raka.

The controversy escalated when Raka’s song ‘On My Own’ was deleted from YouTube, a development that Raka shared with his followers via a screenshot on Instagram.

During the live session, Karan Aujla reflected on his 15-year singing career and personal life, revealing that he was orphaned at the age of 9.

Now 27, Karan Aujla expressed that he has faced significant struggles in his life, including periods of starvation.

He stated that due to these experiences, he cannot take lightly when someone comments on his career.

Karan Aujla, who is currently enjoying the success of his collaboration with rapper Divine, addressed the controversy with Raka during the live session.

He clarified that he has no dispute with anyone and urged his followers not to make his statements controversial.

The Punjabi singer emphasised that everyone is doing their work and that work alone defines a person.

Karan Aujla also addressed accusations of arrogance, stating:

“Don’t tell that man about pride, who lost his parents at the age of 9 and then learned everything by living alone for 3 years.

“I saw relatives change. I am 27 years old and I have been writing for 13 years. You cannot imagine what I saw in these 13 years.”

Karan concluded his Instagram live session by saying:

“When any person comes and says anything, then it feels sad. I have seen a lot, I have seen even being hungry, I have seen without a home and I have also seen without parents.

“We too have seen poverty but now look where we are. It’s all about time, work will tell the rest.”

The Instagram live video has since gone viral, sparking discussions about the controversy between the two Punjabi singers.

While Raka has been targeting Karan Aujla through his songs, Aujla’s recent statements suggest a desire to move past the feud and focus on his work.

In other news, Karan Aujla is currently reaping the success of his collaboration with rapper Divine on their latest single ‘100 Million.’

The single, released on January 18 and distributed through Mass Appeal India, sees Divine opening the track with the hook before Aujla takes over for the first verse.

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