Has Salman Khan secretly Married Sonakshi Sinha?

A picture of Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha has gone viral, with some people claiming that they have secretly married.

Has Salman Khan secretly Married Sonakshi Sinha f

"That's awesome! Congratulations!"

There are claims that Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha have secretly married after a picture of the two went viral.

The picture showed Salman in a suit placing a ring on Sonakshi’s finger who is in red.

She is also wearing statement jewellery and has vermillion on her head.

The image was posted on Facebook and the caption stated that the picture is their first look after their marriage.

It subsequently went viral and some social media users sent their congratulations.

One person said: “That’s awesome! Congratulations!”

Another wrote: “Very nice.”

Has Salman Khan secretly Married Sonakshi Sinha

However, the picture was not as it seemed because the picture was actually photoshopped.

Other social media users did not believe the picture was real, saying it was “fake”.

One person said creating such pictures can negatively affect one’s reputation, writing:

“People have no other work. They entertain us but it’s highly immoral to malign someone’s reputation and fame. Please stop doing that.”

But despite the edited picture, another suggested that Salman and Sonakshi should get married.

The two actors have shared a close bond ever since Sonakshi marked her acting debut in Salman’s Dabangg.

On the dating front, there had been rumours that Sonakshi was in a relationship with Notebook actor Zaheer Iqbal.

Speaking about the matter, Sonakshi said:

“Zaheer is like my best friend. We laugh off this news because it is very funny.

“We have worked in Double XL together. I really appreciate him as an actor. I think he was very good in his first film, Notebook.

“His role in Double XL is drastically different from what he did in his debut film. I think he is very talented and definitely someone to watch out for.”

Meanwhile, it was speculated that Salman Khan was dating American actress Samantha Lockwood after she was spotted at his birthday party.

But she dismissed the rumours, saying:

“I think people are unnecessarily spreading these rumours.

“Yes, I recently met Salman on his birthday and he is a very nice person.”

“I urge everyone to not believe these baseless rumours.”

In 2022, Sonakshi will mark 12 years in Bollywood. Summing up her journey, Sonakshi said:

“I think it has been great, and I feel like it is going pretty well for me based on the fact that I have always been very instinctive about the films that I choose.

“I think people measure success in different ways. I have been a part of films that did extremely well or might not have done well.

“But honestly, I don’t measure my success based on that.

“I need to enjoy the work that I am doing and also learn something from it.

“In the future, I want to do roles that challenge me or push me to my limits and show me in a different light as an actor.

“I want to surprise people as well as entertain them. So, yes, I think I am just going to follow what I have been doing so far.”

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