Has Ahad Raza Mir hinted at a Reunion with Sajal Aly?

Ahad Raza Mir posted an intriguing Instagram Story that has left some fans wondering if it is a hint at a comeback with Sajal Aly.

Has Ahad Raza Mir hinted at a Reunion with Sajal Aly f


Ahad Raza Mir has caused a stir on social media with an update on his Instagram Story.

Known for not updating his social media often, fans eagerly dissected every detail of his latest post.

Ahad shared behind-the-scenes clips of his time working on the hit Pakistani series Yakeen Ka Safar in 2017.

The show was notable as it was the first show in which Ahad and Sajal Aly, his now ex-wife, appeared together.

This has led fans to speculate whether Ahad is hinting at a possible reunion with Sajal Aly.

In the clips, Ahad was seen as his Yakeen Ka Safar character Dr Asfandyar Ali Khan.

He sports a white and blue shirt, which he left unbuttoned for a casual look. The star also wore silver-rimmed glasses, completing his relaxed get-up.

Ahad’s update generated a lot of buzz among fans, who shared similar clips of him in character on Twitter.

Ahad even took the time to interact with his fans on the platform.

One fan tweeted clips of Ahad’s Yakeen Ka Safar role.

The tweet read: “6 years ago a 23-year-old guy made me his fan as Dr Asfandyar. Since then he makes us wait for his project impatiently (a year or two is too long) because we don’t have anyone like him. Love you.”

In response to the fan, Ahad replied: “Thank you for all your love, support and patience.”

It is worth noting that while fans may be hoping for a reunion between Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that this is the case.

It is possible that Ahad simply shared the behind-the-scenes clips as a nostalgic throwback to his time on Yakeen Ka Safar.

In any case, Ahad Raza Mir’s latest social media update has generated plenty of buzz and speculation among fans.

Sajal and Ahad were a dominant power couple in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Despite keeping their relationship low-key on social media, their fans were always eager for more news about the couple.

So, when Sajal removed her husband’s surname from her Instagram bio and Ahad was absent from family functions, the news of their separation and subsequent divorce sent shockwaves through Lollywood.

Fans continue to speculate whether the former couple is amicable or not, as they have not made any public statements about their personal lives.

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