Fashion Design as a Career

Fashion design is not a superficial thing. Designers consider their work art, and it is taken very seriously. So, what does it take to become a fashion designer? Let’s find out.

Fashion Design as a Career

a fashion designer’s work must be unique

Doctors! Scientists! Engineers! These are three common career choices of South Asian families. But with such a huge generations clash we notice significant changes occurring in South Asian lifestyles. One change, in particular, is having the independence to decide what to do with one’s life and to choose a career such as Fashion design.

Everyone knows how South Asian parents are very restrictive when it comes to career choices. To them, any career option outside the field of medicine or science is considered completely “unacceptable.” Today, South Asian teens are breaking their barriers and pursuing careers of their choice.

DESIblitz had the opportunity to get some insight into Fashion Design, a career that has caught the attention of many.

Fashion design is the applied art that is dedicated to clothing and accessories that are created within a cultural or social influence of a specific time.

I want to be a fashion designer but how do I get started? Do I go to school? Or should I drop out and find a job at a local boutique? Should I start my own company? Does this sound like you?

Forget your worries and concentrate on the big picture. The first important thing you must do is find out what you want to do in fashion design. Get involved with the industry!

Contact someone that’s involved in Fashion Show production and Fashion promotion. Book an appointment with them and ask if you can help out with the next project. This way, you are one step closer.

Fashion Design as a Career
One important key aspect of the fashion industry is building contacts. Although many people believe that money is the only way to get into the industry.

Despite what they say, money really isn’t everything. Anyone can work their way into the fashion industry, all they need is to be passionate and talented.

Thus, building contacts is very important. Meeting people at fashion shows, or other fashion-related events are a great way to introduce you to other people in the fashion industry.

Sometimes having contacts will benefit you because they can help make your big break in the fashion industry.

We spoke to ‘The Urban Fashion Girl’ (TUFG) who is based in California, USA, who gave her views on Fashion Design as a career choice.
When asked about her love for the fashion industry, she told us:

“I’ve always loved the fashion industry. I see fashion as an art form; not just mere clothing. Designing clothes and styling outfits are my passions.” And added,

“You don’t need to be wealthy to be a part of the Fashion Industry. Fashion is just what I love most. One can have a passion for fashion no matter what their financial situation is.”

Just like any other career, the fashion industry also comes with pros and cons.

Fashion Design as a CareerThe biggest pro of being in this industry is that it allows you to show the world your creativity.

The fashion industry lets their designer’s imagination go wild, which is then shown through the designer’s work.

Getting into the business is one con itself, in order to seek the position you wish in this industry, you have to be able to work hard and never give up. Also, when designing anything, a fashion designer’s work must be unique, and not be copied by someone else.

In the industry, many get influenced by their favourite designer and sometimes end up designing something that is very similar to what another designer has made.

When TUFG was asked about her approach to unique design, she said:

“I am definitely a unique dresser. I think outside the box and mix and match in an unexpected way. I would leave my mark in the industry.”

Everyone knows how having a proper education is important. When it comes to making your career choice, make sure you discuss your plans with your parents.

After all, all they want is for their children to become successful. Your parents may find that the fashion industry is not a steady career choice due to its reputation for being an unreliable industry.

Thus, it’s important to have a backup plan. One can go to university and receive a degree, and still have a passion for fashion.

The only difference is that having a degree in a different career will benefit you in the long run.

Fashion Design as a CareerTUFG strongly agrees and said:

“Education comes first no matter what. Getting a great education in spite of my passion for fashion is a personal decision.”

In the end, those of you who love fashion and wish to pursue a career should start planning and achieving their goals now.

The fashion industry has a lot to offer to those who are strongly passionate about the industry.

Like any other career, in order to reach your desired position in the industry, you must work your way up. Contacts can only help you get started the rest is up to you to carry on.

Hard work and determination are two things that will get you far in a Fashion design career.

TUFG declares that enthusiasm and belief in yourself are important for a career in fashion. and said, “Everyone is entitled to have a career in something they are passionate about.”

Like any other choice, the world of fashion as a career needs to be decisive on your part with the notion that it is not going to be smooth sailing, but a very interesting journey; allowing you to express yourself through your designs and giving someone the pleasure of wearing your creations.

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