Fans swarm Mahira Khan at her Fashion Launch Event

Mahira Khan visited a shopping centre in Karachi to promote her fashion brand and was quickly swarmed by fans.

Fans swarm Mahira Khan at her Fashion Launch Event f

“I manifested meeting you, and my dream came true."

Despite her relatively low public appearances, the excitement of seeing Mahira Khan in public is always cherished by her fans.

Mahira Khan appeared at Dolmen Mall, Karachi to promote her brand M by Mahira.

Fans quickly surrounded the actress in the hope of grabbing a picture with her.

Despite the overwhelming situation, Mahira remained calm.

She graciously posed for photographs and remained humble and accommodating to all her admirers.

During the encounter, a fan, overwhelmed with emotion, expressed:

“I manifested meeting you, and my dream came true. Just take a selfie with me!”

The fan was hyperventilating. Observing his condition, Mahira expressed concern, stating:

“Someone bring him water.”

While worried for the boy, she also fulfilled his wish for a selfie.

Mahira Khan’s endearing gesture towards another young fan, who became emotional after meeting the Pakistani superstar, captured the hearts of many.

She affectionately interacted with him during the encounter.

A particular fan commented: “Oh, she’s incredibly sweet to him. The way she comforted him.”

Mahira, clad in a sophisticated off-white ensemble and sporting a neatly styled low bun, happily posed for a selfie with the fan.

Additionally, she exchanged a high-five with him, adding to the memorable encounter.

Shortly after the clips went viral, fans inundated the comments section to share their thoughts on Mahira’s humble gesture.

A user wrote: “Mahira Khan has a way of making everyone feel special and included. She’s genuinely kind and down-to-earth.”

Another admired: “She’s absolutely very kind and humble, whoever is negative, jealous about her popularity and gorgeous personality.”

One remarked: “This is why everyone loves her. It might have been uncomfortable for her.

“The way he held her hand to his chest, but she maintained composure.”

Moreover, Mahira graciously took the time to sign autographs for her other fans as well. She demonstrated her appreciation for their support.

Concurrently, she delighted them by introducing her latest perfume, a moment captured in a video shared by Mashion.

Mahira Khan ventured into the fashion world in 2023.

She launched her own clothing and fragrance brand called M by Mahira.

In terms of her acting endeavours, Mahira recently appeared in the mini-series Razia as the narrator of its empowering story.

Additionally, she is presently involved in her upcoming project titled Joh Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo. This is Pakistan’s debut Netflix original series.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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