Dr Manish Shah found Guilty of 25 Sexual Offences

East London GP Dr Manish Shah has been found guilty of carrying out a number of sexual offences on six of his female patients.

Dr Manish Shah found Guilty of 25 Sexual Offences f

Shah then "asked her if she would like him to examine her breasts".

Dr Manish Shah, aged 50, of Romford, east London, has been found guilty at the Old Bailey of 25 sexual offences against six patients.

The conviction took place on December 10, 2019, following a six-week trial.

The court heard he was a popular and well-respected GP at his surgery. But jurors also heard that he abused his trust and sexually assaulted six of his female patients.

Dr Shah carried out the assaults between 2009 and 2013. He specifically carried out evasive, intimate and unnecessary examinations of the victims.

He had been on trial for carrying out 30 sexual assaults on patients aged between 11 and 39.

He had carried out vaginal and breast examinations of female patients which were not necessary. He played on patients fears about cancer.

One patient told the BBC:

“He would say like, you need to have these like sexual health tests to make sure you are safe, you never know whether somebody goes with somebody else, even though you might have a safe partner.

“He was encouraging the tests along, I didn’t think nothing of it. I thought if a doctor suggests you go along with it.

“He duped so many people, you know, he used their weaknesses, their fears and took complete advantage.

“But not at one time did I think actually think he was doing anything wrong.”

Dr Shah gave one woman a smear test even though it was unnecessary because she had no symptoms. He used the case of tragic reality TV star Jade Goody to persuade her.

Another woman had gone to him with a painful shoulder but he carried out a breast examination, citing Angelina Jolie’s cancer-preventing double mastectomy.

One patient was left lying naked in the examination room by Shah.

He was reported by a patient 

Kate Bex QC, prosecuting explained:

“He brought up the news story of Angelina Jolie’s preventative mastectomy.”

She added that Shah then “asked her if she would like him to examine her breasts”.

Ms Bex said: “He was obviously aware it was contrary to NHS guidelines, and told the woman he was offering a service available in other countries and not in the UK.

“He said he had recently seen two patients with breast cancer who were even younger than her.

“That was deliberate and intended to reassure her and reduce the risk she would question what he is doing, and it worked.”

She said that his “invasive” examinations were for his own “sexual gratification”.

Complaints came to light and Dr Manish Shah was suspended in 2013. He was previously convicted of sexual assaults against 17 patients.

During the trial, Shah claimed that he “cared about all of his patients”. He also said that the exams were to keep their health in check.

Another doctor had told the court that breast exams “essentially must not be done”. Shah slammed the evidence given.

His barrister Zoe Johnson QC asked him: “We heard from another doctor, Dr Cranfield.

“She concedes that in terms of breast examinations, one may be appropriate for teaching purposes but essentially you must not do them. What do you say to that?”

Shah replied: “I disagree. Telling women to wait half a century for nothing and then wait and see what you can do after that, I think that’s very unfair.”

The GP explained that he used questions about contraception as a “trigger” to prompt conversations about breast and vaginal health.

Ms Johnson then asked: “When patients come in with contraceptive advice is that a trigger?”

Shah said: “Yes, for a discussion about being breast aware cervix aware.”

One patient alleged that Shah told her that she was a “star” and “amazing”. He initially denied the accusations but back-tracked and said he might have forgotten.

Ms Johnson questioned:

“[One patient] said you said that she was a star, that she was amazing that you felt protective of her?”

Shah insisted: “No I didn’t say that.”

Ms Johnson responded: “Did you say you felt protective?”

Dr Shah then said: “Yes I did, maybe in general but not directly to her.

“I do care for all my patients, I do want them to be safe of course, not as a personal thing.”

Ms Johnson added: “You’re a star?”

Shah admitted to his barrister’s question, but he denied saying the patient was amazing.

Ms Johnson told the court that her client was overly-cautious. She went on to explain that Shah’s own family had cancer scares, including his mother-in-law who died of breast cancer.

However, Dr Manish Shah was found guilty of the 25 sexual assaults for his own gratification.

Ms Bex stated: “He took advantage of his position to persuade women to have invasive vaginal examinations, breast examinations and rectal examinations when there was absolutely no medical need for them to be conducted.”

He was acquitted of five other charges. But his conviction means that the total number of his victims stands at 23.

Dr Manish Shah will be sentenced on February 7, 2020.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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