Dr Amir Khan receives Abuse for encouraging Covid-19 Vaccine

TV doctor Dr Amir Khan has revealed that he has received online abuse for his efforts in encouraging people to get the Coronavirus vaccine.

Dr Amir Khan receives Abuse for encouraging Covid-19 Vaccine f

"I’ve had an increase in the amount of very personal abusive DMs"

Celebrity doctor Dr Amir Khan has been receiving online abuse for encouraging people to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr Khan, who regularly appears on Good Morning Britain and GPs Behind Closed Doors, says he has been receiving abusive messages over the last few weeks.

He also said that his vocal opposition to illegal fox and hare hunting had also led to some of the messages.

Dr Khan, who practices at The Ridge Medical Practice in Bradford, has promoted both causes on Twitter, as well as dispelling myths and concerns about the vaccine in his TV appearances.

This has followed revelations that some UK South Asians are rejecting the vaccine due to false claims that it contains meat or alcohol.

On Lorraine, he explained that those who have received the vaccine may experience side effects like a headache or a temperature.

Dr Khan said that it is nothing to worry about, saying it is “your immune responding well to it [the Covid-19 vaccine] and it so much better than being ill with actual coronavirus”.

He added: “Please don’t let that put you off, you must go for your vaccine when called.”

However, his words of encouragement have angered some as they have sent abusive messages to Dr Khan.

On February 11, 2021, Dr Amir Khan revealed that he has been receiving abuse but insisted that he will continue to address such issues.

He wrote on Twitter:

“Over the last few weeks I’ve had an increase in the amount of very personal abusive DMs I get mainly for: Lending my voice to end illegal fox and hare hunting and my pro-Covid vaccine messages.

“To be clear: I WILL NOT STOP.”

Following his revelation, Dr Khan received a wave of support. Many thanked the doctor for his strong stance.

Animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports said:

“Sorry to hear this. Thank you for speaking out against illegal hunting and for the amazing work you are doing as a Dr.”

Another netizen said:

“That’s terrible! You are a great advocate for wildlife and having the vaccine.”

“I’m really pleased that I’m having my first Covid shot this afternoon!

“Please keep going saying all the things you are passionate about!”

Fellow doctor Lucy said: “Oh goodness, that’s horrendous! Glad they don’t bother you as I really couldn’t cope with that.

“Keep being you, you do a fab job of representing us GPs.”

Dr Khan later responded to the messages of support by tweeting:

“Thank you for all the lovely messages I’ve received, I am overwhelmed and won’t stop doing what I’m doing.”

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