Disha Patani’s ‘Be Kind to Animals’ Diwali Tweet causes Anger

Disha Patani caused outrage and anger among social media users after she asked people to “be kind to animals” in a tweet.

Disha Patani's 'Be Kind to Animals' Diwali Tweet sparks Outrage f

"stop butchering for your f*****g taste."

Disha Patani angered social media users following her Diwali tweet.

The actress posted of video of herself in the gym practising a variety of kicks.

She wished her followers a happy Diwali before asking them to be kind to animals.

Disha wrote: “Happy Diwali. Be kind to animals.”

However, the seemingly innocent tweet did not sit well with social media users.

Many were unhappy that the actress was using Diwali to promote her views.

When it is Diwali, ‘being kind to animals’ is typically associated with anti-firework campaigns.

Netizens pointed out that Disha openly admits to eating chicken and mutton, which requires animals to be killed, accusing her of being a hypocrite.

One person wrote: “Each day 200 million animals are slaughtered on this planet.

“If you are an animal-loving, ecologically sensitive human being, you should cut daily meat consumption.”

Another said: “Ok, gently eat the chicken and mutton items, be kind to those animals.”

A third posted: “People like Disha Patani express concern for animals on Twitter and eat chicken, mutton for dinner.”

One angry netizen said: “Be kind to chicken and mutton and stop butchering for your f*****g taste.

“Let’s burn crackers and celebrate Diwali.”

A lot of users shared a video of the actress stating that she “loves animals” before the video cuts to her eating chicken tikka, accusing her of being a hypocrite.

A person wrote: “Don’t trouble animals.

“But you are licenced to eat and enjoy chicken and goat and cow’s meat.

“You hypocrite. Keep your advice to yourself.”

Others pointed out that Disha is frequently seen with designer handbags, which are made from cow leather.

One person asked: “Using calf and cows leather for handbags is being kind to animals?”

Another comment read: “Be kind to animals. Stop wearing leather boots.”

Another said: “I am trying to understand the ‘connection’ of Diwali, animals and this workout video. If anyone understands please tell me.”

Other social media users believed Disha Patani had confused Diwali for Eid. It was pointed out that on Diwali, animals are not harmed.

One user said: “This isn’t Eid. Don’t know the difference between Diwali and Eid.”

Another asked: “Umm what does one have to do with another. It’s not Bakra Eid.

“No offence to religious sentiment, but we don’t slaughter animals for Diwali, so this tweet makes no sense. And also, are you vegetarian?”

One person shared the differences in Disha’s tweets from Eid and Diwali.

This prompted one person to reply:

“Disha Patani, are chicken, goat, cow not animals? Where is peace in Eid after lacs of slaughtering animals on road?”

Another asked: “But what’s the connection of animals and Diwali?

“These ultra moderns don’t even understand the festivals and how it’s celebrated.”

Many are angry with Disha Patani’s tweet and it does not look like the outrage will end soon.

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