Director Kabir Khan starting work on Digital World War II epic

Kabir Khan takes his next ambitious project to digital media! The Bollywood director will create a “war epic” web series on stories from World War II.

Director Kabir Khan starting work on Digital World War II epic

A source close to the project call the web series a "war epic".

Bollywood director Kabir Khan will begin work on his next project, via digital media! He will direct a digital web series, an epic based on World War II. The series will begin work once his latest film Tubelight has completed.

Kabir Khan has already paved a successful career as a Bollywood director.

He worked on his first film as a cinematographer at the age of 25, a documentary entitled Beyond the Himalayas.

He directed three further documentary films, one of which was his debut film, The Forgotten Soldiers. It revealed rare footage of the role the Indian National Army played in World War II.

But soon, he turned his attention towards Bollywood films.

His first major Bollywood feature, Kabul Express, became a reality in 2006. He even won the Indira Gandhi Award for Best First Film of a Director. However, his best successful film currently is Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which hails as the fourth highest-grossing Indian film to date.

Now, while making the finishing touches on his latest film Tubelight, Kabir Khan has his sights set on digital media.

Mumbai Mirror reports that a source close to the project call the web series a “war epic” and will focus on various stories set in World War II. These stories will also include Indian women’s role in the Indian National Army.

However, there still remains a long way to go until it’s ready to watch. The source says:

“Kabir has been working on the subject since many years and now has a screenplay ready, however, he will develop the story further only after the release of Tubelight with a team of writers.”

The web series will reportedly contain nine-to-ten episodes, with a budget said to be worth more than any of his current films.

The source also added that the series will: “Be shot extensively abroad with some portions set in India and will feature actors and technicians from all over the world but Kabir will begin casting only after the release of Tubelight.”

While no further news has revealed yet, the web series sounds likely to excite many.

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Images courtesy of OVGuide and Kabir Khan's Twitter.

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