Did Bangladesh’s Nigar Joty claim India are ‘Sore Losers’?

Bangaldesh Women captain, Nigar Joty, didn’t hold back her disappointment in a recent interview and hinted India can’t handle losing.

Did Bangladesh's Nigar Joty claim India are Sore Losers?

"They were disappointed and frustrated with the result"

Bangladesh Women and India Women have been battling in some competitive ODI and T20 matches. 

Whilst India came out on top in the three-match T20 series, Bangladesh managed to tie the ODI series 1-1.

Heading into the final game, the series was 1-1. India were aiming for 226 after bowling Bangladesh out for 225. 

India tied the score at 225 for nine before a lazy shot from Megna Singh saw India bowled out, and the series subsequently tied.

However, the match will be remembered for captain Harmanpreet Kaur’s angry outburst after getting caught by Fahima Khatun. 

Kaur did not agree with the decision. She lingered on the field, argued with umpires, and went into a massive post-match rant about the decision. 

Bangladesh skipper Nigar Joty opened up about the fiercely disputed series, attributing the raised umpiring issue to India’s defeat.

When asked about Harmanpreet’s actions, she responded during an interview with Revsportz:

“You are right in saying such things happen in sports and it is not the first time.

“You are also right in saying that it happened in the heat of the moment.

“However, had it been restricted to the field of play, honestly speaking I would not have felt bad about it or felt disappointed.

“I would have told my players that it was all in the intensity of the moment and it is better than all of us moved on from it.

“But what really disappointed me was that it was not restricted to the field of play.

“Let me tell you something. For my players too Harmanpreet is a legend of the game. They too look up to her.

“And when they came and said to me how can a legend of her stature do this to us, I felt sad and disappointed.

“That’s what has pained me the most.”

During the prize ceremony, footage went viral of the two captains after Joty led her team off the field.

Allegedly, Harmanpreet Kaur shouted: 

“Why you are only here? You haven’t tied the match. The umpires did it for you.

“Call them up! We better have a photo with them as well.”


When questioned about the possibility of responding differently instead of leading her team off the field, she offered her perspective:

“There are certain things that are permissible in sport and there are certain things that are not.

“By the time of the prize giving the game was over. The match had ended and it was over and done with.

“Off the field, we are all players who play the same sport and should have respect for each other.

“That’s what we are taught in sports and that’s what I believe in.

“To tell you the truth, I had felt that whatever may have happened earlier Harmanpreet and Smriti would walk up to my girls and give them a pat on their back after the match was over and tell them well played.

“When it did not happen and she said things that were disrespectful and hurtful during the prize giving, I decided to walk away with my team.

“I did not want to stay there anymore and add to the occasion. Someone had to end it and by walking away I did so.”

On India’s charge of poor umpiring, Nigar Joty expressed: 

“The very same umpires officiated in the T20 series which India won.

“There was not a single complaint from India. Is it because they had won the series?”

“Had they won the final ODI, would they have raised the issue of umpiring, or was it raised because they did not win the series and they were disappointed and frustrated with the result?

“We have always been taught as cricketers to respect the umpire’s decision as final and move on.”

India’s allegations against poor umpiring are still being reviewed.

However, Bangladesh’s captain is clear that their accusations will fall on deaf ears and they should accept the result and think forward. 

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

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