The Desi Rascals steal hearts on Valentine’s Day

The ninth episode sees the Desi Rascals celebrate a night of love and romance on Valentine’s Day. DESIblitz has more.

Desi Rascals

"Since the very first day I met you 32 years ago, I knew you were the one."

The ninth episode of Desi Rascals was a Valentine’s Day Special.

For many of our Desi Rascals, it was a wonderful day of celebrating and indulging in romance and love.

We have become used to witnessing surprises. And some of the London Desis have some special tricks up their sleeves for Valentine’s Day.

So, which of the Desi Rascals found themselves intoxicated by Cupid’s bow and arrow?

Manoj waltzes into Celia’s heart

Manoj Celia Desi Rascals

Manoj wants to give Celia the Valentine’s surprise of her dreams, and has been learning how to waltz from dancer daughter Jo.

He pretends to Celia that he will have to go into work that day. Celia, who has just been shopping and has had her hair done, is of course, hugely upset.

Nat offers to spend it with her, again all part of the plan, and escorts Celia to her night to remember. Manoj is dressed in a suit with a dickie bow and Celia is wearing a lovely floral dress.

On arrival, Celia says: “Beautiful. It’s so romantic of you, Manoj. It’s like a fairy story.”

Manoj has an emotional speech prepared for Celia. It starts: “Since the very first day I met you 32 years ago, I knew you were the one. I dedicate my love to you on this Valentine’s Day. I love you, Celia.”

Celia says: “I don’t deserve this.” Manoj replies: “Yes you do. You deserve everything, Celia.”

Manoj and Celia magically dance their way into night. Young’uns pay attention. That’s what true love is all about!

These streets will make you feel brand new…New York!

Shreena Vara Praks Vara

Praks has his eyes covered as he awaits Shreena’s surprise with anticipation. She has been taking cookery classes with sister Anu, and has made Praks his favourite – chicken biryani!

Praks, ever-the-good boyfriend, is very appreciative. And he has a surprise of his own!

The charming Praks has that twinkle in his eye, and his smile is gleaming.

Underneath the bouquet of red roses he presents to Shreena, is a pair of business-class tickets to New York.

Shreena cannot believe it. Praks says: “I said I was going to take you shopping.”

Shreena says: “I meant Westfield.” Praks replies: “Now we can go to Fifth Avenue.”

MoJo’s Valentine’s on the Thames

Moses Baig Jo Shah

Earlier in the day, the Desi Rascals have their very own India Vs Pakistan cricket match. Manoj is not particularly impressed by Mo, who does not help his chances by getting Manoj out, caught and bowled.

Manoj, still concerned about ‘cultural differences’ gives Moses a stern talking to: “All I’ve seen is the jokey side. I’ve not seen the serious side.”

Mo is keen to impress and prove Manoj wrong, so he pulls out all the stops. He has booked a table on The Yacht, London, on the River Thames. He has also bought an array of bright-red heart-shaped balloons.

Jo is very pleased and has brought some gifts of her own. Nevertheless, Moses cannot help his Mo-isms:

“You look sweeter than that strawberry in your cup.”

Their romantic date on the bank of the Thames, has the backdrop of the brightly-lit central London landmarks, including the London Eye, and the Oxo Tower. Despite the hurdles they face, the two seem very much in love.

Will Akshay propose to Arshina?

Akshay Arshina Trivedi

Arshina is hoping that her boyfriend Akshay will propose to her, and is sharing her dream with girlfriends Kavita and Yasmin.

When Akshay joins them, she even drops a not so subtle hint. But Akshay says: “I’m traditional. I want to get permission from the right people.”

In Amita’s beauty salon, Arshina indulges more in her fantasy. “I would like ‘Will you marry me?’ written by a sky writer. That’s so cute.”

Later, Arshina is modelling at a bridal shoot. Yasmin who is observing says: “I like those fierce eyes.”

Akshay walks in and is blown away by her stunning beauty: “I’m actually speechless.”

Akshay takes her hands. Arshina says: “I’m shaking.”

Akshay says: “Will you…come to Dubai with me?”

Sunjay gatecrashes Jay’s and Anita’s romantic meal

Jay Vara Anita Vara

Jay is cooking a lovely meal for Anita, who says: “This is the nicest thing you’ve ever done for me. Is this going to be every year?”

However, with Praks and Shreena celebrating Valentine’s upstairs, what is Sunjay going to do? Eat with his mum and dad, obviously!

Jay and Anita cannot believe their luck! Anita says: “You’re not being serious are you? I’ve got champagne to drink.”

Sunjay says: “I’ll help you drink it.” They learn to laugh at the situation and Sanj stays for dinner. But Jay still says: “Son, how can you do this to us?”

Amita still has one true love in her life

Anu Patel Amita

Amita and Anu, who are both single ladies, share a girl’s night in. As they mull over their relationship woes, they resolve to get back into the dating game with each other’s support.

Amita can still rely on one good man in her life though. He son Shay presents her with a glittery pop-up Valentine’s card which really makes her evening.

What will happen in the next episode of Desi Rascals? You can find out by tuning into Sky Living on Friday 20th February 2015 at 8pm.

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