Desi Fabric Trends for Weddings

There are a dizzyingly great number of Asian fabric stores across the UK, serving to your taste and style. But, what are the current Desi fabric trends?

Desi Fabric Trends for Weddings

"The more we incorporate Banarasi silks, brocades and cotton into our collections, the more current they remain.”

Desi fabric trends flying off the shelves of Asian retailers, honour the past, putting elegant pearls and beads, and intricately woven fabrics as the focus.

Classic lace, net, Banarasi, brocade, and raw silk, are evidently on the agenda this season.

With Fashion Week’s still going strong, the UK South Asian textile markets are becoming highly competitive, while people are still learning about what they will wear. When it comes to planning your outfit, knowing what the current trends are, will surely help you create a truly cutting edge attire.

From tasteful, elegant fabrics to bold and vibrant materials, Desi fabric stores offer a zillion different options. Whether you want to keep your outfit minimal or go all out and make a splash in style, there’s something for everyone.

Yet, fabric shopping can be a slightly puzzling affair. And, it’s easy to get discouraged when planning an Asian outfit and picking your fabrics. But sometimes, there are some fantastic materials that you just can’t resist!

We dig through the rolls of fabric and pull out the materials, patterns, textures, and hues to inspire your next festive outfit.

Whether you’re planning a Salwar Kameez, jacket, gown, Lehenga skirt, or looking for striking drapes to create a Saree, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite fabrics that will certainly take your outfit to exciting heights!

Embellished Net

Fabric Trends- Image 1- Net

Pretty 3D flowers, pearls, beads and stones on net fabrics are stars of the season.

Although these jewelled net fabrics were once only classified as bridal couture materials. Now, attention to detail is getting more important, and embellished net surely represents any fancy occasion, something that is eye-catching and feminine. Remind you of Elie Saab Haute Couture gowns with dazzling crystals and rhinestones?

For us, the most attention-grabbing shades included dusky rose, pastel pinks and greens, champagnes, nudes, cappuccino and ivories.

These soft textured net materials are beautifully complemented with sparkling details, with a touch of appliquéd work.

And fascinatingly, these embellished designs offer versatile options for your outfit styles, which is probably why net fabrics are proving to be very popular. As such, embellished net can be used to create a Saree, a Kameez, a gown, or even a jacket.

Embellished and detailed nets stood out as key fabric trends at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2017. Diana Penty walked the ramp for Payal Singhal wearing a net deco grey Lehenga.

As well as, Pakistan L’oreal Bridal Week 2017, saw a pearl adorned net Lehenga and Dupatta worn by Hareem Farooq for Saira Rizwan.

Additionally, intricate details on net are so on trend, they were also spotted at Faraz Manan’s Mirage Summer Couture 2017 collection in Dubai.

With a charming mix of contemporary designs and vintage glamour elements, these Desi fabric trends have grown considerably, reaching high street shops across the UK.

Vintage Lace

Fabric Trends- Lace

Once, the most popular wedding material, lace!

Now, the focus is shifting, blending traditional fabrics with modern techniques.

Delicate and elegant, lace fabric is hugely popular at the moment, with daisies and floral cutwork patterns. Think Pakistani cigarette pants and palazzo borders? Or even Chantilly lace capes and Kameez?

In fact, this fabric has also been spotted in latest Saree styles.

Vintage tones and lace fabrics will certainly be the range this season. Think of soft hues like beige, pink, soft gold, and light grey while selecting your perfect fabric.

More embellished laces are also coming through, with sequins and embroidery, giving a vintage feel!

Regal Banarasi

Fabric Trends- Image 3- Banarasi

The pride of every South Asian woman’s wardrobe, silk Banarasi is a deep-rooted tradition.

Although this royal Indian fabric of Varanasi never entirely went away, it was always a strong textile. But, it has been particularly present for the last few seasons. In 2017, we are seeing a huge array of regal Banarasi’s, with the ethnic touch.

From long and short jackets, Sarees and skirts, to tops and pants, Banarasi fabric is a precious old treasure.

Internationally, this vintage fabric was once very rare. But now, designers are recreating the weave to make it relevant to today’s wardrobe, with a contemporary twist.

Evidently, designer Rahul Mishra says:

“I want to showcase Banarasi silk at international fashion weeks too so that it gains greater international exposure.”

And so, from the handloom boards, through the fashion ramps, silk Banarasi has reached the high street shops internationally.

Designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla add: “The more we incorporate Banarasi silks, brocades and cotton into our collections, the more current they remain.”

Moreover, there is a larger movement towards Zari work, which is framed by intricate and multi-coloured thread-work, on a silky surface. Ruling the traditional classy style charts and giving a festive flavour.

On the whole, Banarasi silk materials are now easier to get, being used increasingly widely by designers. As well as by local customers, bridging the gap between ateliers and the ordinary buyer.

Woven Brocade

Fabric Trends- Image 4- Brocade

The Desi fabric trends of the season also include brocades, which consist of thick woven threads, with a luxurious appearance.

Adding richness to the outfit, brocade fabric is the one that provides you with a puffy and voluminous Lehenga or a skirt.

With such styles in vogue, brocade is no longer restricted to the fashion ramp. It is widely available at Asian retail shops.

“This is what we call ‘old-school gone new’, thanks to designers, both Indian and international,” says designer Anupama Dayal.

In addition, the designer adds:

“Brocade — heavy, textured and dramatic — might spark thoughts of antique sofas or curtains in a drafty country house rather than of an elegant wardrobe.” But more recently, it is used to create a structured Anarkali dress.

However, surprisingly, brocade fabric appreciates the more structured western wear than the South Asian styles.

Raw Silk

Raw Silk

With a bit of a rough texture, but a gentle feel, raw silk can be considered the most versatile material.

Plain or with intricate embroidery, this fabric is trending, particularly used for light-weight trousers or slim-fitted jackets and dresses.

It redefines a confident and comfy appearance with metallic effects and vibrant shades.

With colour and lightweight as their focus, these Desi fabric trends are sure to look out for.

Available in luxurious, mouth-watering array of colours, raw silk can be combined with any other material. As such, it could be used as the trousers fabric, under a Banarasi, brocade or net Kameez.

Besides, this material is often utilised for men’s Sherwani creations. All those eye-catching men Kurta’s displayed at Pakistani fashion weeks in 2016-2017, were crafted from pure raw silk.

So, add the silky ingredient to your closet this season with a splash of colour!

Although these selected fabrics won’t be the only Desi fabric trends of the season. But, before you pick up anything, do consider these trending patterns, colours, and textures.

At least buy 3m of your fabric, to keep your options open when you’re ready to create something.

You will look quite the picture of elegance if you opt for any of the above Desi fabric trends!

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of: DESIblitz, Etsy, Imperial Lingerie, Shagun Silks, Ebay, Fabrics and Fabrics, Ali Express and Pinterest.

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