Demesne Couture Trolled for ‘Toilet’ Photoshoot

Pakistani fashion brand Demesne Couture has been subjected to trolling over its bizarre photoshoot featuring a toilet.

Demesne Couture Trolled for ‘Toilet’ Photoshoot f


“Pathetic, horrible, cheap, disgusting concept."

Pakistani fashion brand Demesne Couture’s latest collection has been trolled online for its unique photoshoot which includes a toilet.

Demesne Couture has come up with a very different and peculiar concept in which model Rubbab Ali is posing by a toilet

In one photo, she can be seen sitting on the toilet.

According to creative designer Fatima Sultan, the photoshoot’s concept is about the personal space and the privacy of women which rarely exists.

In fashion, photoshoots in bathtubs are considered quite edgy and different, but a photoshoot on a toilet is almost unheard of.

Demesne Couture Trolled for ‘Toilet’ Photoshoot

However, Demesne Couture has been subjected to trolling.

One user said: “They could have used a better-looking toilet seat, instead.”

Another said: “The brand needs to change its creative team in order to save its name.”

A third wrote: “These people are out of their minds.

“Pathetic, horrible, cheap, disgusting concept. The creator is not normal.”

One user liked the photoshoot apart from the inclusion of the toilet, commenting:

“The photoshoot is super beautiful if the toilet was not there. I mean I love the photoshoot, every picture is amazing.

“The background, the green plants, the model and saree. Everything is on point except the toilet, it’s a very stupid concept.”

One person questioned the brand’s marketing strategy, writing:

“Dear @denesmecouture… I literally saw a toilet first and didn’t want to look further.

“What kind of advertisement is this?”

Despite receiving a lot of attention, the clothing itself was hardly mentioned, leaving them just an afterthought.

Demesne Couture Trolled for ‘Toilet’ Photoshoot 2

Demesne Couture described the inspiration behind the new collection, stating:

“This campaign talks about the struggles of women, the obstacles that they have to face throughout their lives.

“And how they deal with those nightmares.”

The brand shared the controversial pictures of the new collection in a series of Instagram posts. The posts were captioned:

“Dear Sweet Nightmare.

“A question that I often ponder over is that what a privilege privacy is, especially since women don’t have a lot of spaces that they can claim for themselves.

“For me, privacy means growth, prosperity, it means the ability to make my own decisions, the liberty to experience freedom, it means feeling safety in my personal space and so much more.

“At this point in my life, I feel like my life looks like a swimming pool being filled with water, every passing day, I feel like I am drowning.

“Some days it gets a little too much to handle.

“And some days I feel like floating around in the water, enjoying the feeling of being numb, being comfortable with the presence of my own struggles.”

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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