Curry House honoured with own Walkers Crisp Flavour

A popular curry house on the outskirts of Edinburgh has been honoured with its own flavour of Walkers crisps.

Curry House honoured with own Walkers Crisp Flavour f

“Now we want to support and celebrate it.”

A curry house in Scotland has been honoured with its own flavour of Walkers crisps.

The restaurant in question is The Radhuni in Loanhead, which is on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

It is also Scotland’s curry restaurant of the year.

Walkers will introduce a Madras Curry flavour based on a dish served at the restaurant.

Available from August 2021, the crisps will be part of Walkers’ campaign to recognise restaurants that have helped their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Radhuni is the first Indian-Bangladeshi restaurant in the UK to receive the honour.

In 2020, it raised £10,000 for the NHS. The curry house also served thousands of free meals to frontline workers.

A spokesperson for Walkers said:

“Over the past 18 months, we have seen that, no matter what, loved local restaurants like Radhuni are there for us.

“Now we want to support and celebrate it.”

Daily Record reported that every pack comes with a £5 restaurant voucher.

Habibur Khan, who runs the restaurant, became the youngest winner of a major British Curry Award in 2019, aged 23.

He said the news from Walkers came out of nowhere.

Thanking his staff and customers, he added:

“We’re thrilled to have provided the inspiration for this new crisp flavour and been recognised for the passion we’ve always had for the local community.”

Habibur previously said he would not be hiring staff without the Covid-19 vaccine as he aims to encourage BAME people to get the vaccine.

The policy would only affect staff being hired in the restaurant’s next recruitment stages and would not include those who have not had the vaccine for medical reasons.

Habibur said: “A large proportion of our staff are from the BAME community where, with all the propaganda and fake news going around, some people are very sceptical about taking the Covid vaccine.

“I wouldn’t fire any staff who already work for me who haven’t had the jab, it’s much more about educating them and the BAME community that it’s safe, so they will let other people know.

“As a way to support this, to keep our loved ones and our community safe, I wanted to take a strong line on this and have decided not to employ anyone who won’t take the vaccine, unless it’s for medical reasons.

“It’s also for our customers and the wider community who are our top priority and we want to help stop the virus spreading.”

“All my staff are very secure and happy about the decision because it also gives them a security to work in an environment that’s safe.

“I know there are rumours out there but I want people to know some of my elderly loved ones have had the vaccine and haven’t suffered from any side effects outwith the usual.

“I just want people in my community to take the vaccine as soon as they get the chance, it’s important we all tackle this together.

“Especially with everything opening back up, everyone will be in closer contact as we return to normality.

“It’s also to help prevent Covid outbreaks in our workplace, every little helps.

“I’m hoping other businesses in the industry will follow our example to encourage uptake to keep our community safe as possible.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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