Bradford Gang Jailed for Drugs Haul worth around £2M

Police have uncovered a massive drugs operation in Bradford. After various arrests, this has resulted in Bradford gang jailed for £2 million drug haul.

Bradford Gang Jailed for Drug Haul Worth Around £2M

"Our work to disrupt others involved in organised crime continues."

In Bradford, a gang has been jailed for a major drugs haul, worth about £2 million. An undercover police investigation led to the Bradford gang jailed.

Police arrested 35 people,  seizing the drugs and £360,000 in cash. Police also found shotgun cartridges at the scene.

The investigation, known as ‘Operation Eatonmere’ was launched in 2013 by Yorkshire Police.

The operation focused on “criminal groups involved in the importation and supply of drugs.” It lasted for over a year and involved a “mixture of overt and covert work.” The operation successfully resulted in the Bradford gang jailed.

They arrested 34 men and 1 women. Gang members included Muzhar Ahmed, Nisar Khan and Arshad Zman Khan.

Some gang members lived in Bradford, but others came from various parts of the UK, including Manchester, London and Liverpool.

The huge number of the Bradford gang jailed was due to discoveries made during Operation Eatonmere. A spokesperson says: “Officers looked at one group and information gained from investigating that group led to others.”

Detective Inspector John Key lead the entire operation. Referring to the case, he says:

“This operation identified a number of highly organised and sophisticated crime groups, who were involved in the importation or supply of Class A drugs.”

The Bradford gang jailed included both British Asian and non-Asian members.

Bradford Gang Jailed for Drug Haul Worth Around £2M


Muzhar Ahmed received a sentence of 15 years after police found five kilos of pure heroin and cocaine, as well as links to other drug conspiracies. Nisar Khan received a sentence of 11 years after police caught him with 5 kilos of heroin in a vehicle in 2015.

Heroin also linked with Arshad Zaman Khan after police found the drug in pen lids. The lids came from an imported box from Pakistan. He received a sentence of 12 years and six months.

Police also arrested Peter Rawson after involvement for the supply of cocaine. They found £95,000 in cash at his house. His sentence was nine years and six months. Police arrested Adrain Powell for conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin. He received a sentence of four years.

After this in-depth operation, the police aim to uncover similar drug gangs. John Key says: “While this particular organisation may now have concluded our work to disrupt others involved in organised crime continues.”

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